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Musique composée par Bernard Herrmann


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Bernard Herrmann was famous for his film scores, but he was also a leading figure in music for radio, to which he brought his inimitable palette of mood and sonority. Whitman, whose subject is Walt Whitman's collection of poems Leaves of Grass, was a 1944 radio drama, a genre now much neglected but revived in this newly restored version. Psycho: A Narrative for String Orchestra is not a suite or excerpts from the film but a concert work, re-ordered and re-composed, while Souvenirs de voyage is one of the most polished and seductive of all American chamber works.

1. Introduction: I, Walt Whitman, heard that you asked for something to prove this puzzle the New World (Whitman) 00:45
2. Welcome: You! Whoever you are! (Whitman) 01:27
3. Perpetual Journey: I tramp a perpetual journey (Whitman) 04:10
4. Listen: Listen: when the psalm sings instead of the singer (Whitman, Stranger, Cynic) 02:07
5. Cosmos: A cosmos, of Manhattan, the son! (Whitman, Stranger) 01:15
6. Song: A simple separate person (Whitman, Cynic) 02:19
7. Oath: I celebrate myself, and sing myself (Whitman, Child) 03:05
8. Miracles: I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey - work of the stars (Whitman, Child) 02:05
9. Battle: Of life immense in passion, pulse and power, I sing (Whitman) 01:22
10. War: I will acknowledge contemporary lands (Whitman, Radio Voice) 06:08
11. Ships: Flaunt out, O sea, your separate flags of nations! (Whitman) 02:08
12. Divinity: Listener out there! (Whitman) 01:40
13. Finale: I see not America only (Whitman) 02:26

Souvenirs de voyage
14. I. Lento: Molto tranquillo 09:57
15. II. Berceuse: Andante 06:56
16. III. Andantino: Canto amoroso 07:33

17. Psycho: A Narrative for String Orchestra (reconstructed by J. Mauceri for string orchestra) 15:49

Total Disc Time: 71:12