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Original soundtrack CD by Mark McKenzie for latest in Universal’s DragonHeart fantasy franchise! Ivan Silvestrini directs, Matthew Feitshans scripts with characters created by Patrick Read Johnson, Charles Edward Pogue from the 1996 original theatrical picture. Joseph Million, Jack Kane, Carolina Carlsson, Richard Ashton star with Helena Bonham Carter providing the voice of Siveth. Scoring this fifth film in Universal’s popular dragon fantasy series is Mark McKenzie, veteran of three of the previous films, utilizing his own original music with nod to Randy Edelman’s memorable theme from the very first installment. After young farmer finds his family slaughtered by raiders, he forms alliance with mercenary swordsman and majestic dragon to seek his vengeance. The story plays as a sequel to DragonHeart: Battle Of The Heartfire, fourth in the series. McKenzie melds mysticism with profuse fantasy-action. He launches with major-key theme for recorder in triple meter, giving haunting lilt to warm idea. Brief bridge for penny whistle leads to broad, sweeping minor-key theme and coda with tiny nod to original DragonHeart theme. Following “Love Changes Everything” is rewarding blend of gentle harmonies with harp accompaniment that ushers in initial full statement of DragonHeart theme. “Never Ever Give Up” bristles with energy, fanfare trumpet-figures, heroic lines and considerable power from percussion. Deserving spotlight is aggressive, triplet moto perpetuo rhythm of action-packed “Snake Battle”. Similar triplet rhythms permeate “Siveth’s Cat, Mouse And Dragon Plan” that brings in wide range of thematic material. Commanding center stage is 9-minute “Hope It All Works For Good”: Here McKenzie’s primary themes get attention, including richly-drawn statement of opening recorder melody, leading to full quote of DragonHeart theme. Trumpet figures, sweeping thematic quotes eventually give way to recorder theme in epic peroration and final coda of DragonHeart theme. Composer McKenzie deserves accolades for fashioning his own original music while preserving overall harmonic vernacular of initial film. By turns beautiful, powerful, exciting, inspirational! Intrada CD release timed for availability with Blu-ray and digital release of film! Album composed and produced by Mark McKenzie.

01. Hold On To Hope In The Dark Times (3:21)
02. Love Changes Everything (2:19)
03. Never Never Ever Give Up (1:45)
04. You’re Destined For Greatness (2:24)
05. You Make Me Feel Magical Inside (1:42)
06. Look At What You Have Left And Not At What You’ve Lost (2:45)
07. Pledged To Peace (1:20)
08. Great Love Surrounds What Is Surrounding You (2:05)
09. Snake Battle (2:55)
10. Self-Control Makes You Stronger (4:48)
11. Trying To Kiss You •1:38)
12. Look Behind You! (1:22)
13. Risking Life For Something Bigger Than Yourself (2:07)
14. Siveth’s Cat Mouse And Dragon Plan (4:59)
15. Keep Looking Up (2:29)
16. Hope It All Works For Good (9:10)

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