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Musique de Carlo Savina


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Saimel Records presents on this CD the complete original score by Carlo Savina for the 1971 erotic costume comedy LE CALDE NOTTI DI DON GIOVANNI (NIGHTS AND LOVES OF DON JUAN) from the original master tapes in stereo preserved in the Sugar Music archives. This Italian screen adaptation of the famous Spanish Don Juan legend was directed by Alfonso Brescia under the pseudonym Al Bradley and starred the handsome German actor Robert Hoffmann as main protagonist Don Giovanni Tenorio who is surrounded by some of the most attractive European actresses of the early 1970s, among them Barbara Bouchet, Edwige Fenech, Ira von Fürstenberg and Lucretia Love.

Contrary to many other Don Juan versions, this one is not only set in Spain in the 17th century, but during its second half also takes our hero to the Orient when he is banished by the King of Spain. From the beginning of the film Don Giovanni is the epitome of an irresistible womanizer. At first he seduces all the princesses in Seville, but even when forced into exile, for him there is no reason to change his impudent manners: Posing as an Arabian prince, he offers to help the Sultan Selim acquire the princess Aisha (Fenech), a woman who loves no man and is guarded inside a massive castle, but then at once falls in love with Don Giovanni.

For LE CALDE NOTTI DI DON GIOVANNI Carlo Savina has written a lively and flavourful score of which only a small excerpt with about four minutes had previously been released by CAM in 1999 on the compilation CD “Carlo Savina – Ritratto di un autore”. Savina has built his score mainly around the wistful and sensuous melody with a Spanish flavour which gets intonated by the beautiful ethereal solo vocalise of Edda Dell´Orso in the Main Title. This great romantic theme will be reprised again and again during the course of the film whenever Don Giovanni beds one of his many loves.

The duels and chases have mostly been composed not in a serious dramatic manner, but in a more lighthearted and spirited way in accordance with the often farcical nature of the movie: Sprightly castanets together with added percussion create a galloping rhythm so that the tone is rather playful than threatening.

The remaining score is filled with nice period dances, some atmospheric mystery and suspense tracks, a few comical interludes with flute and bassoon and a meditative string episode for the sequence in the convent.

The pleasant symphonic score for LE CALDE NOTTI DI DON GIOVANNI is a nice addition to the ever growing Carlo Savina discography and can now finally be fully enjoyed on this new CD.

1.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Main Title *    Vocals: Edda Dell´Orso    2:48
2.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Conchita and Esmeralda        2:40
3.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Duel with Don Consalvo        2:23
4.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-The First Dance        1:46
5.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Ambush and Fight        1:44
6.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Climbing Up the Wall *    Vocals: Edda Dell´Orso    1:33
7.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-The Servant and His Mistress        1:06
8.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Donna Isabella        0:41
9.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-The Trap        2:28
10.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-In the Convent        2:57
11.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Banishment        0:45
12.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-The Sultan´s Castle / Breaking Into the Castle        2:58
13.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Princess Aisha *    Vocals: Edda Dell´Orso    1:24
14.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-In Prison        0:56
15.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Aisha and Don Giovanni *    Vocals: Edda Dell´Orso    3:50
16.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Escape / The Desert        0:58
17.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-A New Amour / Finale *    Vocals: Edda Dell´Orso    2:15
18.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-The First Dance Take 2        1:45
19.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni-Solo Guitar        1:27
20.    Le Calde Notti di Don Giovanni*    Vocals: Edda Dell´Orso    8:55