Musique composée par John Debney & Germaine Franco

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CD premiere of Paramount adventure film scored by John Debney & Germaine Franco! Paramount Pictures presents live-action family adventure feature drawn from popular Nickelodeon Dora The Explorer cartoon series. Rapidly rising young actor/singer Isabela Moner plays Dora, Eva Longoria, Michael Pena, Joey Vieira, Danny Trejo are amongst numerous other performers lending their talents, Nicholas Stoller & Matthew Robinson script, James Bobin directs. Having grown up in Peruvian jungle, Dora heads to LA at protective parents behest once the titular Lost City of Gold has been located. Initial adventures find Dora acclimating with difficulty to high school life but soon finding tougher challenges when she and her several imaginary friends are kidnapped. Back to the jungle she lands, with her family missing and adventures with friends and villains ensuing. Composing team of John Debney & Germaine Franco zero in on action and adventure elements with orchestral score replete with rousing ideas for variety of pursuits, chases, kidnappings, mercenaries, quicksand dangers, Inca ruins and more… all with ample doses of humor. Score is also available in digital format but Intrada CD additionally features closing production number “Hooray! We Did It” performed by cast, written by Bret McKenzie as a CD bonus! Score recorded at AIR STUDIOS in London by Nick Wollage, mixed by Simon Rhodes. John Ashton Thomas, Tommy Laurence, Geoff Lawson orchestrate, Gavin Greenaway conducts, John Debney & Germaine Franco compose. Terrific fun!

01. Dora The Explorer Theme Song (1:39)
02. The Legend Of Parapata (0:53)
03. Mad Because You Are Leaving (1:07)
04. 10 Years Later (0:52)
05. Angry Pygmy (1:17)
06. New Cave (1:51)
07. And You Are Not Going (1:50)
08. First Day Of School (0:37)
09. Making Friends (0:45)
10. Am I A Weirdo (2:22)
11. Wild Goose Chase (2:10)
12. Interloper Kidnapped (1:37)
13. Alejandro And The Rescue (2:39)
14. Let’s Go Find Dora’s Parents (1:06)
15. She Knows This Monkey (1:41)
16. Juice Box Life Force (2:05)
17. Opera House (1:06)
18. Quicksand And Scorpions (1:59)
19. I’m Alive (1:07)
20. Someone Lives Here (1:02)
21. Vision Quest (3:40)
22. I Had The Weirdest Dream (3:06)
23. Inca Aqueducts (4:05)
24. I Outwitted You (2:26)
25. Parapata Vista (1:12)
26. You Have Friends Now (1:48)
27. Moon Gate (3:40)
28. Camino Real De Parapata (3:43)
29. Tilting Room (1:29)
30. Alejandro’s Gold (3:02)
31. Lost Guardian Of Parapata (2:18)
32. Show Me The Correct Path (2:43)
33. He Has Angered The Gods (2:44)
34. She’s Staring At Us Again (0:39)
35. Swiper, No Swiping (0:31)
36. Helicopter To Reunions (1:00)
37. Need To Explore High School (1:26)
38. Dora And The Lost City Of Gold (1:11)
39. Hooray! We Did It (3:28)