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Musique de David Stone Hamilton

Perseverance Records

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Solis is a survival space thriller, with the main character in a race against time to meet his rescuer," explains composer David Stone Hamilton about the score. "We wanted to create a score that would reflect the increasing tension and impending doom with a musical "ticking time bomb" employed in different ways. Sometimes it's literally a ticking clock, and other times we use modernist percussion effects or col legno strings to give this effect. Our Solar theme represents the grandeur and almost hypnotic allure of the Sun as well as the existential threat it poses to our protagonist. Another prominent theme was the rising half step or minor second interval, which is a nod to John Williams' brilliant Jaws score to create the inherent tension with this dissonant interval. We also reserved some moments for a Korean instrument named the Haegeum, which has a truly otherworldly sound to it.

1. Debris
2. Main Title
3. Coolant Chamber
4. We Had a Son
5. Cauterization
6. Memories
7. Best Odds I've Had All Day
8. A Solis Triptych: 1. Death
9. A Solis Triptych: 2. Space Walk
10. A Solis Triptych: 3. Finale
11. Let Me Save You
12. End Credits

Total Time: 66:23

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