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Musique de Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Beat Records - Édition limitée

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L'ultimo squalo (The Great White) is a 1981 movie directed by Enzo G. Castellari, an Italian reply to the horror genre dedicated to shark movies, a trend that started a few years before with Spielberg's Jaws. In our movie, we have an enormous white shark disrupting the summer of a coastal city in Georgia, in a crescendo of tension and horror that will end in a terrible 1-on-1 between the monster and Peter Benton (James Franciscus), protagonist of the movie and unwitting shark hunter.
The music was composed by the De Angelis bros., Guido & Maurizio, obsessive and thrilling in the moments in which the shark appears, dramatic and melodic when the story becomes more emotional. The wonderful score is also connoted by music by the two composers sung by the vocalist Ywonne Wilkins, plus a cue taken from the OST ''Uno sceriffo extraterrestre poco extra molto terrestre'' that provides great variety to the listening experience.
Aside from being released here for the first time in any format, the score of L'ultimo Squalo marks the beginning of a tighter collaboration between Beat Records and Cabum. The two historical labels will give life to a series of releases dedicated to wonderful music produced through the iconic De Angelis bros' label, a series that will offer a righteous tribute to these wonderful scores, much loved and long-awaited, popular staples of the two composer's live concerts.
The CD is released in a transparent jewel case featuring a 12-page booklet, mastering by Enrico De Gemini, liner notes and graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini.
Limited edition of 500 copies!

L'ultimo Squalo
1.Hollywood big time 4:43
2.Ballad 3:34
3.You've changed the
world for me 4:05
4.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 1 1:05
5.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 2 0:49
6.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 3 1:32
7.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 4 1:14
8.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 5 1:12
9.We'll fly away 4:01
10.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 6 2:32
11.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 7 2:21
12.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 8 2:55
13.The melody plays 5:07
14.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 9 1:20
15.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 10 2:05
16.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 11 1:35
17.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 12 2:18
18.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 13 0:30
19.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 14 2:14
20.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 15 2:25
21.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 16 2:55
22.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 17 2:58
23.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 18 1:39
24.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 19 2:00
Bonus tracks
25.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 20 2:36
26.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 21 2:14
27.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 22 3:35
28.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 23 3:42
29.L'ultimo squalo - seq. 24 4:00
Total Time 74:55

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