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Musiques de Elmer BERNSTEIN

Intrada - Édition limitée

Coffret 3 CDs

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At long last! After some 25 years of searching, Intrada proudly presents legendary Elmer Bernstein recordings made for Ava label between 1962 - 1965, all of them finally presented on CD from original 1/2" three channel and 1/4" two channel stereo album session masters! These six classic albums have seen many reissues on vinyl and CD throughout the last several decades but always in presentations dubbed from vinyl copies, from mono tapes or from truncated second generation tape copies with missing cues. For the first time ever, these near audiophile quality recordings can be heard complete, all in stereo, all directly from true masters finally uncovered at last! Bernstein (with partners Fred Astaire, Jackie Mills) created Ava label in 1962, hired top Hollywood session players plus top West Coast jazz soloists, premiered then current Walk On The Wild Side spotlighting incredible main theme (heard over Saul Bass credits in film) plus lush romantic tunes, vibrant jazz numbers. Next up was dynamite collection of Bernstein Movie And TV Themes, all newly recorded in then-state-of-the-art sound, including rare Saints And Sinners, Take Five, Anna Lucasta, Sudden Fear, Sweet Smell Of Success, "Jubilation" in only stereo performance (heard in mono originally on fifties Decca jazz album Blues And Brass) plus many others. All-time classic To Kill A Mockingbird followed in what is our favorite recording of score, with musicians from 1962 Universal soundtrack sessions gathering at United Recording to perform again with sensitivity, transparency. Note distinct sound of accordion in harmonic passages, detail of harp, subtlety of clarinet, precision of piano, power of trombones in octaves, all heard with clarity unlike any other recording. The Caretakers saw Bernstein writing one his most propulsive main titles, a stunning stereo experience right down to crisp bass trombone! The Carpetbaggers (released earlier as part of Intrada premiere of actual soundtrack) again gives composer opportunity to create blazing main title music. Final Ava project for composer was 1965 score for Baby The Rain Must fall, much-underrated dramatic Robert Mulligan film with Steve McQueen, Lee Remick. Here Bernstein brings in ace arranger Shorty Rogers (who worked with composer on Man With The Golden Arm) to create what album describes as "nuclear" arrangements of Bernstein tunes. All six masters were in pristine condition, right down to tape boxes themselves! In keeping authenticity with what were some of the finest quality recordings of the day, Intrada has preserved that vivid sound quality right down to each pause between tracks! Handsome packaging offers full color reproductions of all original jackets inside booklet plus backcovers with detailed liner notes. Bernstein generally kept each album between a brief 25 - 32 minutes. We present all six on 3 CDs, in musically satisfying order that opens with Walk On The Wild Side, goes through everything and concludes full circle with final track of theme collection, which just happens to be new arrangement of Walk On The Wild Side. Should make Bernstein fans delirious! Elmer Bernstein conducts.

01. Walk On The Wild Side (2:43)
02. Somewhere In The Used To Be (2:02)
03. Hallie’s Jazz (3:35)
04. Rejected (4:05)
05. Doll House (2:37)
06. Teresina (1:53)
07. Night Theme (2:19)
08. Walk On The Wild Side Jazz (2:18)
09. Dove (2:31)
10. Kitty (2:37)
11. Oliver (2:28)
12. Reminiscence (1:42)
13. Finale (1:36)
Total Time: 33:17

14. The Carpetbaggers (2:31)
15. Love Theme From The Carpetbaggers (2:40)
16. Speak Of The Devil (2:01)
17. Forbidden Room (2:19)
18. The Carpetbaggers Blues (3:52)
19. Main Title From The Carpetbaggers (2:10)
20. New Star (2:16)
21. The Producer Asks For A Divorce (2:39)
22. Jonas Hits Bottom (2:50)
23. Finale (1:44)
Total Time: 25:26

01. Black Straight-Jacket (2:08)
02. Blues For A (4-String Guitar (2:37)
03. Take Care (2:03)
04. Birdito (2:26)
05. Party In The Ward (2:00)
06. The Caretakers (Main Title) (2:17)
07. The Cage (1:59)
08. Electrotherapy (2:02)
09. Day Hospital (1:41)
10. Seclusion (1:40)
11. Finale (2:14)
Total Time: 23:50

12. Baby The Rain Must Fall (2:28)
13. Henry’s Heap (2:48)
14. Shine For Me (Sung By The We Three Trio) (2:34)
15. Travelin’ Lady (2:40)
16. Treat Me Right (Sung By Jim And Johnny) (2:02)
17. Gospel Time (2:36)
18. Pecan Grove Rock (2:47)
19. Baby The Rain Must Fall (Sung By The We Three Trio) (2:27)
20. Wagon Wheel Watusi (1:54)
21. Main Title Theme From Baby The Rain Must Fall (2:44)
Total Time: 25:26

01. Main Title (2:57)
02. Roll In The Tire (2:08)
03. The Search For Boo (2:44)
04. Jem’s Discovery (3:24)
05. To Kill A Mockingbird (2:12)
06. Tree Treasure (3:52)
07. Lynch Mob (2:55)
08. Footsteps In The Dark (2:00)
09. Children Attacked (2:06)
10. Scout & Boo (2:37)
11. Summer’s End (2:52)
Total Time: 29:59

12. Rat Race (From The Paramount Picture) (2:12)
13. Three Time Blueser (From The TV Show Take Five) (3:08)
14. Radio Hysteria (From The R.K.O. Picture Sudden Fear) (2:03)
15. Anna Lucasta (From The United Artists Picture) (3:50)
16. Hop, Skip But Jump (3:18)
17. Saints And Sinners (From The Four Star TV Production) (1:59)
18. Sweet Smell Of Success (From The United Artists Picture) (3:19)
19. The Man With The Golden Arm (From The United Artists Picture) (2:47)
20. Jubilation (4:20)
21. Walk On The Wild Side (From The Columbia Picture) (3:39)
Total Time: 31:27