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In 1962, filmgoers heard one of cinema's most striking musical openers of all time: solo French horn, without introduction, intoning opening notes of what becomes Academy Award-winning title song to legendary Blake Edwards look at unrelentingly grim descent of young couple into alcoholism. With Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick in Oscar-nominated portrayals, film allows despair, tragedy to imbue uncompromising movie right up to unforgettable conclusion. And - like opener - audiences here were privileged to hear one of cinema's equally outstanding film score finales, amongst the most sublime in history: solo French horn returns, unaccompanied, intoning same opening phrase of haunting theme melody, but ending without resolve! Powerful coda to a powerful score. But interior of score offers so much more! Beautiful variants on main theme are balanced with intense, dramatic low string-dominated cues for grim portions of tale. Elsewhere, signature Mancini tunes in upbeat style add further layers to classic score. Though Mancini enjoyed wildly popular re-arranged and re-recorded albums of all of his early film score successes (BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, CHARADE, PINK PANTHER, HATARI, many others), Intrada release of DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES is, incredibly, the first ever release in any form for this brilliant score. CD presented from complete mono tapes (as mixed for picture) in crisp, clean audio, all courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures & Henry Mancini Estate. Famous Johnny Mercer/Henry Mancini title song appears as well! Flipper cover allows two different dramatic approaches to film artwork! Henry Mancini conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remains!

The Album
01. Days of Wine and Roses (Main Title) (2:12)
02. Days of Wine and Roses (guitar source, take 2) (1:49)
03. Man Meets Girl (4:30)
04. Hi-Fi II 2:24)
05. Hi-Fi I (3:27)
06. Gorgeous and Guilty (1:24)
07. Kissed in the Greenhouse (1:07)
08. Silly (2:18)
09. Some Laughs (2:46)
10. Off Scene Hi-Fi (1:40)
11. They Fired Me (1:12)
12. Vanilla, Part 1 (2:13)
13. Vanilla, Part 2 (1:41)
14. Crazy Smell (2:11)
15. Get in the Tub, Part 1 (1:04)
16. Get in the Tub, Part 2 (1:04)
17. A Gone Mommy (0:47)
18. No Guts (7:37)
19. A Sad Pop (2:49)
20. I Want to Come Home (6:58)
The Album Total Time: 50:07

The Extras
21. Cocktail Hour 2:22)
22. Navel Engagement (Turkish Combo) (2:55)
23. Days of Wine and Roses (guitar source, take 1) (3:03)
24. What Is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter) (2:46)
25. I Only Have Eyes for You (Harry Warren/Al Dubin) (2:27)
26. September in the Rain (Harry Warren/Al Dubin) (1:10)
27. Play Off for Trailer (0:18)
The Extras Total Time: 14:58