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Musique composée par Kenyon Hopkins

Intrada - Édition limitée

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World premiere release of vivid Kenyon Hopkins soundtrack for Michael Ritchie film! Robert Redford stars, Gene Hackman co-stars with Camilla Sparv rounding out the leads. Michael Ritchie directs, James Salter scripts, Brian Probyn handles the magnificent camerawork, Paramount Pictures presents. Powerful 1969 film tells story of aloof, arrogant downhill skier (Redford) with aspirations to compete in Winter Olympics. Not just to compete but to win at any cost, be it modesty or dignity. His coach (Hackman) first copes, then coaches with a degree of distain. Rich characterizations crossed with stunning point-of-view skiing footage create masterful drama. Kenyon Hopkins, creating his last theatrical film score, offers music spotlighting his trademark meld of jazz-infused writing with symphonic orchestrations. Strings, French horn, oboe, cor anglais, harpsichord all fit comfortably within his big band brass and percussion. Cool sounds! Cues underscore both sensitive drama, fast-paced ski action. Tender love theme for short-lived romance between Redford and Sparv a memorable highlight. Actual film uses just a portion of Hopkins’ underscore. Numerous cues are dialed out early, often dropped entirely, but premiere Intrada release presents them all in their entirety! Very interesting composition includes two and sometimes three different approaches to the same musical sequence. All of them are included on the CD. Some racing cues include one approach in bold brassy style, a second one with totally contrasting thematic material and then a third variant scored entirely for pulsating rhythm and percussion. Love theme plays both in gentle 4/4 meter, lilting 3/4 waltz tempo… each with gorgeous orchestral garb. Hopkins even recorded a special version of lovely idea for possible commercial release that never happened. Intrada release presents bulk of score from pristine condition 3-channel stereo session masters, including never-before heard material, all courtesy Paramount. Remaining source cues by composer, plus additional score cues ere presented as recorded from pristine 1/4” mono scoring masters, also featuring much music never-before heard, plus variety of Olympic marches, restaurant source cues and radio music. In late 50’s and throughout 60’s, Hopkins had numerous soundtrack albums released for both film and TV work, including This Property Is Condemned which also starred Robert Redford. Handsome graphic design by Kay Marshall features both dramatic original b&w artwork campaign on cover plus full color alternate artwork on flipper side. Notes by Hopkins fan Douglass Fake complete the package. Special thanks to Lukas Kendall for assisting in locating master elements making entire release possible. Recorded at Paramount Scoring Stage in September & October 1969. Kenyon Hopkins composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Main Title (2:41)
02. The Big Fall (0:46)
03. Alone (0:28)
04. Rejection (0:54)
05. “It Was A Long Happy Day” (1:47)
06. Dave Wins (Film Version) (0:39)
07. Dave Wins (Alternate) (0:33)
08. Dave Wins (Alternate #2) (0:38)
09. Pastry Shop (1:07)
10. Powder Snow (2:49)
11. Snow Storm (1:21)
12. Downhill Racer #2 (1:48)
13. Xmas (0:38)
14. Dave And Creech (1:32)
15. Dave And Creech (Alternate) (1:26)
16. Dave And Creech (Film Version) (1:30)
17. This Is it (1:16)
18. Meier’s Race (1:05)
19. Meier’s Race (Alternate) (1:21)
20. Meier’s Race (Film Version) (1:03)
21. Theme From Downhill Racer (1:42)
Stereo Score - Time: 28:03
22. Swiss Miss (1:54)
23. Ping-Pong (1:31)
24. St. Anton March #1 (2:01)
25. Waiting For St. Anton (4:19)
26. Monitor March #2 (2:26)
27. Station Break (0:28)
28. Tea Room (2:33)
29. Rock Two (0:43)
30. Echo (0:24)
31. Carole In Porsche (0:26)
32. Dave Drives (1:12)
33. Downhill Racer #1 & #2 (2:26)
34. Lonely Walk (0:40)
35. “Open Up And Let Me In” (2:35)
36. Carole Walks Back (0:56)
37. Creech Falls (0:44)
38. Cold Chops March (1:25)
39. Olympic Tension (0:38)
40. Build To Acclaim (0:15)
Additional Cues - Time: 28:21