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Musique de Johan Söderqvist

Perseverance Records

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We wanted a new aural world for the South Pole; to feel like we're arriving to a whole new world. We recorded many different crazy things but in the end we loved the sound of Indian native flutes being blown - or screamed into! - a great new Russian electronic voice/breath processor called "the Pipe". That together with heavily distorted ambiences & drums became the signature sound of the film.

1.    Intro        
2.    Antarctis        
3.    Two Brothers        
4.    The Financiers        
5.    Planning the Expedition        
6.    First and Second Attempt        
7.    The Ice Ravine/ Naming the Mountains        
8.    At the South Pole        
9.    High Society/ Three Years in the Ice        
10.    Roald Humiliated        
11.    Roald & Kiss/ To the Arctic Sea        
12.    The Polar Bear Attack        
13.    The Children        
14.    The Penguins and the Pipe        
15.    Roald's Speech        
16.    He's Alive        
17.    Mummified in Ice        
18.    Bitterness        
19.    To the North Pole        
20.    Proposing to Bess        
21.    Nobile Is Missing/ Roald and Bess/ Plane Crash        
22.    He's Dead        
23.    Epilogue: Dream of the North Pole