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Musique composée par Randy Edelman

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Veteran composer Randy Edelman’s newest soundtrack on CD! Universal and imagine Entertainment present new sequel to hit Ron Howard film from 1991. Reprising their roles this time around are William Baldwin, Donald Sutherland. Taking the musical scoring reins from Hans Zimmer is composer/performer Randy Edelman. Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego (Apollo 18) edits, directs. Fighting fires remains name of the game but this time the blazes are the result of an arms dealer setting infernos to distract investigators from his deadly activities. Edelman sets the tone for such serious proceedings with a long, lean cello solo in the minor, which leads to a brief, energetic rhythmic idea that follows in the footsteps of what Zimmer established in the first film. Subsequently, Edelman introduces an even wider variety of material, ranging from piano against strings to lively rhythms for percussion with synthesized orchestra. “Thinking Out Loud” finds the melancholy cello returning, this time with clarinet in tow, soon adding sparse piano to the saddened colors. But not all is melancholy. The lengthy 7-minute “Long Search And Rescue” ushers in the highly thematic action material that tips its hat to Zimmer but gives this sequel an exciting new identity as well. Dynamic melody recurs during “In A Hero’s Light” but Edelman has much more to say with the action. Further ideas become dissonant, aggressive. Known for his broad, lyrical melodies, Edelman here displays an intense musical vernacular rare for the composer! CD produced with the cooperation of Back Lot Music, a division of Universal Studios. Recorded, mixed and mastered by customary Edelman associate, Elton Ahi. Randy Edelman composes, performs, produces.

01. Deep In The City (3:07)
02. Trick Or Treat (1:57)
03. Lab Deconstruction (1:19)
04. Thinking Out Loud (4:22)
05. Long Search And Rescue (7:10)
06. Racing To The Scene (2:04)
07. Family Photos (3:16)
08. West Haddon Street (2:29)
09. Brotherly Love (1:40)
10. Discovery At Stockyard (2:55)
11. All Is Well In Chicago (3:15)
12. Arson (3:13)
13. Traveling To The Station (1:51)
14. In A Hero’s Light (1:21)
15. A Fitting Farewell (1:33)
16. Burnt Soul (2:31)
17. Hearing A Faint Heartbeat (4:38)
18. Clues At Home (1:41)
19. Wading Through The Rubble (2:05)
20. Backdrafting (2:02)
21. Street Tribute (1:41)
22. The Final Explosion (2:11)
23. Sean (2:41)

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