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Musique de Stuart Staples

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High Life is Claire Denis' first science fiction film, as well as her first in the English language. Starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche in the lead roles, it tells the story of a group of criminals sent on an alternative energy finding mission in space. Stuart Staples (of Tindersticks) - a regular collaborator of Claire Denis - composed the gorgeously dark score to this unique sci-fi drama. The electronic compositions are an entire character in the film creating mood and conveying the characters' inner struggle. The soundtrack features the dark lullaby "Willow" performed by Tindersticks and Robert Pattison.

1.    The Garden        2:26
2.    Willow Lullaby        1:58
3.    System Report        3:27
4.    High Life Main Title        1:31
5.    River Flashback        1:00
6.    Fluids        0:55
7.    The F**k Box        4:23
8.    Bad Genes / Revolution        2:56
9.    Radiation        2:03
10.    Rape of Boyse        4:06
11.    Insemination        4:31
12.    Grow Baby, Grow        0:55
13.    Boyse’s Death        12:02
14.    The Dog Ship        3:15
15.    Monte and Willow        2:07
16.    The Yellow Light        1:17
17.    Willow (feat. Robert Pattinson)    Tindersticks    5:23
18.    The Black Hole (Excerpt)        5:49