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Musique de Leonard Rosenman

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A Leonard Rosenman Deluxe Edition!!  This one was an absolute must!

What a director/composer collaboration RoboCop 2 (1990) presented!  The film was directed by none other than Irvin Kershner, (The Empire Strikes Back, The Return of A Man Called Horse), and the composer was Leonard Rosenman (Fantastic Voyage, Beneath The Planet of the Apes, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home).

The original RoboCop (1987) was, of course, scored by the legendary Basil Poledouris, but the sequel went in a very different direction.

Rosenman's music for RoboCop 2 is an epic action score and has now been expanded by more than forty minutes to make this special issue "deluxe" in every way.  Newly mixed and mastered from the original elements at MGM, this is a monster restoration and we are so proud to add this score our CD Club.

Cyborg Detroit policeman Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) is the sole officer on duty after the police force goes on strike against evil conglomerate Omni Consumer Products and its push to foreclose on the city of Detroit. Aside from dealing with the normal level of crime, Murphy must take on crime boss Cain (Tom Noonan), the spread of a dangerous new drug called "Nuke" and the attempt by psychologist Dr. Juliette Faxx (Belinda Bauer) to create another Robocop using a hardened criminal.

1. Overture: RoboCop 2 (6:06)
2. Logo* / MagnaVolt* (1:05)
3. City Mayhem (3:39)
4. Robo And Nuke (2:26)
5. Cain And Angie Escape* (1:16)
6. Happier Days (1:31)
7. Robo Memories (2:11)
8. Robo Cruiser (4:44)
9. Robo Gets Dumped* (:55)
10. Duffy Nukes* / Robo In Pain* / Duffy Gets Diced* (3:32)
11. Robo Gets Faxxed* (2:02)
12. Kids Rob Electronics* / RoboSparks* (2:33)
13. Nuke Lab* / Nuke Lab Blows* (1:17)
14. Robo And Cain Chase (2:45)
15. Creating The Monster (2:52)
16. Monster At Meeting* (:44)
17. Monster Cleans House* / Monster Finds Angie* (1:52)
18. Goodbye Angie* (3:29)
19. Robo Finds Hob* (3:21)
20. Robo Fanfare (:36)
21. Elevated And Depressed* (3:28)
22. On The Street Again* / Robo Gets Nuke* (:59)
23. Robo I vs. Robo II (3:45)
24. Robo Resolve and End Credits† (6:52)

Additional Music:

25. Creating The Monster† (Film Version) (2:54)
26. Robo Hangs Out* (Film Construct) (:38)
27. Monster Theme Stings* (:50)
28. Fanfare Suite* (1:02)
29. Sunblock 5000* (:49)

*Previously unreleased • †Contains previously unreleased material

Total Time: 70:00

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