Musique composée par Benji Merrison & Will Slater

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Taking over four years to produce and presented by Sir David Attenborough, Dynasties is the latest project from BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit, the division responsible for Planet Earth and Blue Planet, "Dynasties is a new kind of natural history event. Five episodes, five of the most celebrated and endangered animals on the planet. Never before have we presented a landmark series with such powerful storytelling - about families, leaders and heroes. Never before has a landmark offered the viewer the opportunity to follow the lives of animals in such detail, each fighting against overwhelming odds for their own survival and the future of their families. These are some of the most dramatic and intense stories of their kind ever told". - Executive Producer Michael Gunton and Series Producer Rupert Barrington.

Benji Merrison is an award winning composer providing bespoke music for film and television. His distinctive musical voice is in high demand and he has scored music for hundreds of projects across film, television, installations and events. He has worked with all major UK broadcasters, along with many other networks and brands worldwide.

Will Slater has been composing for television for close to 20 years and his extensive CV includes Planet Earth Live, Africa , Shark and One Strange Rock.

1.    Dynasties Opening Titles        
2.    Offspring / Come To His Side        
3.    Jumkin Gets The Message / His Rivals Close Ranks        
4.    Find The Strength        
5.    David Left For Dead        
6.    David Returns Lost and Found        
7.    Dissent in the Ranks-The Long Grass        
8.    David Shows Strength        
9.    Not Willing to Accept        
10.    Rains        
11.    A New Landscape        
12.    Emperor Penguins Extended        
13.    Away From The Storm        
14.    Keeping a Snowball Warm / Graceful Ritual        
15.    Long Brutal Winter        
16.    Under The Bright Moon / Casualties Are Revealed        
17.    The Ravine        
18.    First Sight / Penguins Finale        
19.    Lions Intro        
20.    The Marsh Pride / Sienna Rejoins Pride        
21.    Hippo Chase        
22.    A Week Later Part Two / A New Beginning        
23.    Alan Is Poisoned / Never See Him Again        
24.    Relentless        
25.    Pride Theme        
26.    Head of a Dynasty        
27.    The Lions Dynasty        

1.    Painted Wolves Intro        
2.    Tait Bides / Tait's Theme        
3.    Blacktip's Pack        
4.    Baboon Encounter        
5.    The Safest Place        
6.    Smash and Grab        
7.    Tait's Daughter is Injured        
8.    Dry Season Becomes Drought / Grave Dangers        
9.    Far Beyond The Boundary        
10.    Death of Tait        
11.    Tigers Intro        
12.    Raj Bera Theme        
13.    She Vanishes        
14.    Becoming Older / Parental Duties        
15.    Between Feeds / Amorous Peacock        
16.    Invaded Again        
17.    The Drought        
18.    The Whole Family        
19.    Harder Times Long        
20.    Raj Bera Finale        
21.    She Follows / End Titles        

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