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Musique de Mokadelic


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After the release of the successful soundtrack for the tv series Gomorra – which was
aired outside Italy as well - the Italian combo returns with a brand new score, Sulla
Mia Pelle, for one the most controversial movies around. Based on the despicable history
of Stefano Cucchi, literally killed in prison by a bunch of policemen, the album
renews the cinematic style of Mokadelic through a series of almost dramatic instrumental
sketches. Equally informed by the post-rock of luminaries such as Godspeed
You Black Emperor and Explosions In The Sky - not to mention the subtle rhythms of
contemporary IDM (Boards Of Canada first came to mind) - the band delivers their
signature with several epic moments. That is the real companion to a tragic feature

1 Sulla mia pelle
2 Niente fa male
3 RX 4 Calmo e zitto
5 La prima notte
6 Qui non c’è posto
7 Le scale
8 Viaggio al tribunale
9 Immobile
10 Notizia morte
11 La fine sulla pelle
12 Running rave