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Musique de Filippo De Masi

Beat Records

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La carica delle patate is a movie from 1979 directed by Walter Santesso. It’s the story
of two juvenile gangs that “operate” in the Venice lagoon, “I Leoni di San Marco” (San
Marco Lions) and the “Sparvieri della laguna” (The Lagoon Vultures), always clashing
for supremacy of the territory. One day, a kitten belonging to Anna, one of the Leoni
girls, is kidnapped. The search leads to a circus run by a group of evil men, and soon
the two gangs realize that the danger they face is real and join together to fight the evil
circus in a potato war.
A movie for boys (as written on the poster) of all ages, full of emotion and character,
sees another film music giant at work on the soundtrack: Francesco de Masi. The
score features melodies both melancholic and comedic, realized through a symphonic
orchestra, that were a pleasant rediscovery for us when the original ¼ inch master
tapes were transferred in Beat Records’ studios. More than once we popped up in the
recording studio in which our sound engineer, Enrico De Gemini, was working on
the music, amazed by the quality of this score composed for a movie with such a light,
funny plot.
Collaboration with the harmonica player Franco De Gemini and with the choir Coro
di voci bianche dell’Arcum diretto da Paolo Lucci added a precious contribution to the
quality of the soundtrack, finally available in its definitive version and for the first time
on CD which comes in a jewel case featuring a 12-page booklet designed by Alessio
Iannuzzi, liner notes by Filippo de Masi and mastering by Enrico De Gemini.

1. La guerra delle patate* 2:13
2. Il vecchio e il gatto 2:11
3. La guerra delle patate 0:58
4. Agente segreto 2:36
5. Un gatto chiamato Napoleone 3:16
6. Top secret: operazione patate 2:05
7. La guerra delle patate 2:24
8. Top secret: operazione patate 1:39
9. La guerra delle patate 2:13
10. Grandi manovre 1:09
11. La guerra delle patate 2:56

Bonus Tracks:
12. La guerra delle patate* 2:56
13. Un gatto chiamato Napoleone 2:17
14. Agente segreto 3:06
15. Grandi manovre 1:46
16. Napoleone: con sentimento 2:52
17. Yanez al circo 1:56
18. La guerra delle patate 2:56
19. Un gatto chiamato Napoleone 3:09
20. Il vecchio e il gatto 3:10
21. Patate in guerra 1:25
22. Agente segreto 3:23
23. Top secret: operazione patate 1:21
24. Passeggiate in laguna 2:15