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Musique composée par Roque Banos 

Meliam Music

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In his new film Daniel Monzón counts again with Roque Baños as composer of the
soundtrack, both collabo-rated previously in “El Niño”, “Celda 211” or “The Kovak

¨Yucatan” is a comedy, for which Roque Baños has created an agile, melodic and elegant
music, with a jazzy colour, easy to listen on disk, in words of composer music
“shows for me the final message of the film is while we are alive we must enjoy who
offers us their love”.

Daniel Monzón, director of the film, commented about the music: “Roque’s score
amalga-mates and gives unity to the film (...) The irresistible theme of scammers and
their variations, conceived from a postulate of “scoundrel” jazz, describes with class
of high comedy the traps and tricks Lucas, Clayderman and the others perpetrate
against poor Antonio, the most innocent of characters imaginable, contrasting with
the moral rot of those around him. On the other hand, Roque has com-posed one of
his most beautiful and delicate themes, the one about Antonio’s romantic feeling, his
love for Carmen, but also his desire to return to Yucatan to recover the lost paradise.
This beautiful theme, more valuable for its delicate simplicity almost impressionistic,
contains the soul of the film. And it appeals to emotion in a noble way, avoiding melodrama
or sentimental gloating”.

01. Welcome on board (Mambo)
02. Aventura en Casablanca
03. Trame en el Teide
04. A todo gas con el Imserso
05. ¡Son 160 millones!
06. El beso inesperado
07. Una vez en la vida
08. La enfermedad rara
09. ¡Brasil!
10. La ruleta rusa
11. Nota despedida
12. Regreso a Yucatán
13. Hasta siempre (dedicado a Pablo Martín Hurtado)