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Musique de Raphaël GESQUA

ScreamWorks/Kronos Records

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Coinciding with the film’s French premiere, ScreamWorks Records/Kronos Records releases the delightfully wicked score for Aux yeux des vivants (Among the Living) by French composer Raphaël Gesqua. Written and directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, the film follows the adventures of three kids (Victor, Tom and Dan) who decide to skip the last day of the school year. When they stumble upon an abandoned studio, the kids witness a far more serious crime as a masked man is dragging the body of a young woman from his car and into the building. Thinking that the punishment they receive is bad enough, Victor, Tom and Dan are completely unprepared for the horrors that await them when the masked man tracks them down to do away with the uncomfortable witnesses.

The music for Among the Living is provided by French composer Raphaël Gesqua who has great experience in providing chilling soundtracks for a freat number of horror films and shorts. Ranging from the creepy whistling of the”Overture” and the false security of “Childhood” to the spaced out hypnotics of “Blackwoods Stories” and the devilishly clever string parts of “Among the Living“, you’ll find all kinds of horror in Gesqua’s music, a revitalizing effort in French horror scoring.

Some of Gesqua’s prior titles include the haunted house story Livide (2011) and the critically acclaimed shorts of Fabrice Blin, such as Monsieur Méchant (2008) or Mandragore (2011). Apart from feature and short films, the composer has also been very busy in the medium of video game scoring and sound design since 1991. Gesqua is currently working on “Segment X” of the anthology horror ABCs of Death 2 (2014).

1. Among the Living
2. Overture
3. Shooter’s Home
4. Acting Out
5. Klarence, My Son / Main Title
6. The Kids
7. Canteen Fun / Let’s Get Out of Here
8. Always Dreamed Of It / Hermann!
9. Childhood
10. Welcome To Blackwoods
11. Entering
12. Bad Discovery & Point Of No Return
13. Shooter’s Lair Escape
14. Blackwoods Stories
15. Kill Them!
16. Family Moments
17. I Have No Clown! / Daniel Meets Klarence
18. Father & Son
19. Show Yourself!
20. Lying Dad Tom Meets Klarence
21. Peaceful Night
22. Salem
23. That One Is Bigger Than Me!
24. Someone’s Here
25. Family Meets Klarence
26. Klarence Plays
27. The Baby!
28. Go With Your Sister Kidnapped
29. Time To Go
30. Final Confrontation
31. Miss You Guys
32. New Beginning
33. Among The Living End Credits (Full Version)