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Musique de Piero Piccioni

Camille 3000 - Édition limitée à 500 exemplaires


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We are proud to present the long awaited and complete digital release of Piero Piccioni’s Camille 2000 original and pioneering soundtrack masterpiece from 1969 is now restored from the original tape masters.

Many hard to get soundtracks and releases often boast being “mastered from the original recordings” but more often than not these are only dubs of records.

We have gone the extra mile by digging directly into the vaults of this timeless composer's master tape collection and have transferred and remastered them in HD.

Pearls, Camille 2000 (Alternate Take), Charrms, and Slow Flute Beat are but a few of the tracks which live on today and project into the future, this retro-future philosophy being embodied in our label.

1. Pearls
2. Slow Flute Beat
3. Chains of Love
4. Charms
5. Brasil 2000
6. Funky Lovers
7. Tears in Brasil
8. Camille 2000 - Intro
9. Funky Lovers (Alternate)
10. Ballade
11. Tears in Brasil (Alternate)
12. Tears in Rome
13. Magic
14. Camille 2000 (Party Shake)

15. Camille 2000 (Party Beat)
16. Pearls (Alternate)
17. Pearls (Italian Style Theme)
18. Pearls (Uptempo Theme)
19. Chains of Love (Alternate)
20. Tears in Brasil (Alternate 2)
21. Echoes (Remastered)
22. Easy Lovers
23. Chains of Love (Alternate 2)
24. Camille 2000 (Outro Theme)
25. Brasil 2000 (Alternate)
26. Tears in Brasil (Alternate 3)
27. Charms (Alternate)
28. Camille 2000 (Alternate Take)

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