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Musique de Carlo Savina

Penta Records

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JOKO INVOCA DIO... E MUORI (aka VENGEANGE - AVEC DJANGO, LA MORT EST LÀ) is a Western movie from 1968, directed by Antonio Margheriti and starring Richard Harrison, Mariangela Giordano, Paolo Gozlino, Claudio Camaso. Joko (Harrison), Mendoza, Rikie and Domingo ambush a group of bandits who’d seized a precious load of gold, but Domingo betrays his friends and Mendoza disappears in an underground collapse while trying to help the others escape. At the end Joko pursues Mendoza (really he didn’t die in the cave-in after all but actually masterminded the whole affair) who pays the ultimate price for his treason, and the gold is eventually recovered by a Pinkerton agent. Maestro Carlo Savina was a frequent collaborator of director Antonio Margheriti (JOE L’IMPLACABILE, NUDE…SI MUORE, IO TI AMO, THE UNNATURALS). After the film’s release, C.A.M. released a 33 rpm album (MAG 10,018) featuring five selections from JOKO and four tracks from Gianni Ferrio’s JOE! CERCA TI UN POSTO PER MORIRE on side A and ten other tracks by Ferrio on side B. Now this soundtrack returns to the market with three unreleased bonus tracks for a total duration of 62:46. This CD features the entire soundtrack in stereo sound plus the five mono tracks from the original album. For this film, Carlo Savina composed an epic and gritty orchestral score with a Latin American flavor, introduced by the poignant song "Vengeance" performed by Don Powell (accompanied by I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni and the harmonica of Franco De Gemini), which is reprised in captivating instrumental versions and alternated with pieces of suspense where the composer creates atmospheres bordering on psychedelic through the use of organ and various types of percussion. For fans of the Western genre and Maestro Carlo Savina, it’s a must-have.

The CD comes in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet and with liner notes by Claudio Fuiano.

The original album selected tracks in mono

1 Vengeance 02:05
2 Attesa drammatica 01:10
3 Terre lontane 01:46
4 In piena corsa 01:26
5 Nella sera 01:28

The film score in stereo

6 Vengeance 02:02
7 Terre assolate 01:31
8 Allucinazioni 02:27
9 Attesa drammatica 01:10
10 Lunghe ombre 02:27
11 Terre lontane 01:43
12 In piena corsa 01:25
13 Nella sera 01:26
14 Chitarra nella notte 02:11
15 Dopo la corsa 02:50
16 Il destino di un cowboy 02:53
17 Il suo nome è Joko 01:31
18 Momenti di tensione 01:20
19 In viaggio 01:02
20 Deserto 05:22
21 Terra senza ombre 01:31
22 Riflessioni 02:01
23 Verso il confine 01:07
24 Invoca dio e muori 04:26
25 Vendetta finale 02:26

Bonus tracks

26 Terre assolate (suite – alt. stereo mix) 06:48
27 In piena corsa (alt. Take) 02:00
28 Vengeance (alt. stereo mix) 02:02