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CD premiere of classic 1966 Johnny Mandel soundtrack album! Detective tale from Ross MacDonald novel boasts top-drawer 60’s talent: Paul Newman as Harper with solid support from Lauren Bacall, Julie Harris, Arthur Hill, Janet Lee, Pamela Tiffin, Robert Wagner, Shelley Winters. William Goldman scripts (who later went on to write Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, All The President’s Men, The Princess Bride) with Jack Smight directing. Classic ingredients of murder, corruption, kidnapping, vice all mingle. Enter Johnny Mandel with his lively and flavorful jazz score. Augmenting his ensemble with strings, French horns, Mandel takes command with melody in the spotlight. Opening main title is standout example with jazz rhythm established by low brass, then French horns take the lead with lean main theme. Several musical styles come into play throughout strong score: up-tempo jazz, big band, piano combo, orchestral. Latter style features during “Temple Of The Clouds” with strings intoning variant on main theme while trombones and later muted trumpets play subdued yet rich chordal passage given extra dimension with striking foray into bitonality. Mandel brings everything back home with driving return to main theme at finale. As with our other well-received CD releases of outstanding albums from the 60’s Ava/Mainstream/Time catalog, Harper is presented from the first generation stereo album master mixes used for the original LPs, vaulted in pristine condition. Crisp, detailed recordings sound like they were recorded and mixed yesterday! Original album cover art enhances booklet designed by Kay Marshall. Informative notes by Frank K. DeWald. Dan Wallin helmed the recording sessions. Dick Hazard, Bill Byers, Bill Holman orchestrate, Johnny Mandel composes, conducts. One of those great albums from an era when you could listen to a record in a single sitting… and get a satisfying listening experience with a real ending! Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. HARPER – Main Title (2:08)
02. Quietly There (2:59)
03. Magnus Cum Louder (2:41)
04. Livin’ Alone (2:48)
05. Harper Does It Better (3:08)
06. Mexican Breakfast (2:12)
07. Sure As You’re Born (2:15)
08. Harper’s Ferry (2:49)
09. Temple Of The Clouds (3:25)
10. Bel Air (2:38)
11. Finale (Susan) (3:30)

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