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World premiere expanded CD of Basil Poledouris soundtrack for John McTiernan film from Tom Clancy novel, starring Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn, James Earl Jones, Sam Neill. Sensational action-suspense tale is film introduction of Jack Ryan (Baldwin), working with CIA intelligence to determine if Soviet commander piloting nuclear super-sub heads towards U.S. waters to defect... or launch attack. Best of four films featuring Jack Ryan to date, Poledouris brings inspired mood, color to exciting tale by weighing anchor with magnificent, massive "Hymn To Red October" for large orchestra, chorus, then taking off with vivid cues for orchestra, layers of electronics plus his chorus. Score literally provides rhythm, pulse of movie as well as underlines intense action sequences. Interestingly, one of score's few moments of respite comes with reflective "Two Wives", a gentle cue dropped from finished film. Entire score remains one of composer's most important works, and earns it's place as a classic of nineties motion picture music! Original MCA label CD was mere 30-minute sampling of score. Intrada CD offers over an hour of masterful music including first release of "End Title" given significance in one point by powerful presentation of main hymn melody via orchestra sans choir in dynamic manner. Powerful moment. Ditto climactic moments of lengthy "Nuclear Scam". Still another highlight is suspenseful, imposing "Ryan's Wheels/Tupolov/Buckaroo", also making it's premiere here. Yet another new highlight is percussive "Mini-Sub/Contact" with striking series of colorful quasi-arpeggio figures slicing through dense rhythmic material. Entire score is masterly meld of orchestral & choral fury with array of electronics close at hand. Intrada CD presented in stereo from pristine condition session masters vaulted at Paramount, licensed courtesy both Paramount and Universal Music Group. Graphic packaging by Joe Sikoryak, authoritative notes by Scott Bettencourt. Basil Poledouris conducts. Intrada Special

01. Never Happened (0:41)
02. Hymn to Red October (Main Titles) (5:08)
03. Putin’s Demise (1:04)
04. Tyler’s Office/Ramius and the Doctor/Dallas Listens (2:44)
05. Course Two-Five-Zero/Interlude/Two-Five-Zero/Padorin Reads (1:25)
06. Ryan’s Wheels (original version) (0:39)
07. Ryan’s Wheels (revised)/Tupolov/Buckaroo (3:17)
08. The Line/Red Route I (4:15)
09. Ancestral Aid (2:16)
10. Plane Crash (1:51)
11. Ryan Lifts Off/Emergence (1:35)
12. Two Wives (2:45)
13. Chopper (4:09)
14. Submarine Dive/Necessary Force (2:50)
15. Outer Doors (2:14)
16. Nuclear Scam (7:22)
17. Mini-Sub/Contact (3:18)
18. Tupolov’s Torpedo/Torpedo Hits (3:29)
19. Kaboom!!! (6:21)
20. End Title (Ancestral Aid/Hymn to Red October [Main Titles]
/Nuclear Scam) (4:36)

The Extras
21. Putin’s Demise (album version) (1:03)
22. Red Route I (album version) (3:33)
23. Necessary Force (alternate mix) (2:23)
24. The Anthem of the Soviet Union (vocal) (1:06)

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