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Musique de Stelvio Cipriani

Kronos Records - Édition limitée à 300 exemplaires

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KRONOS RECORDS is once again proud to present another hidden gem by Italian Maestro STELVIO CIPRIANI, composer of War Devils, The Bounty Killer, The Anonymous Venetian, Blindman, Death Walks on High Heels, Baron Blood, Rabid Dogs, Suor Emanuelle, Voices from Beyond, She, The Black Spider, The Boy & The Lion, Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard The Orient Express and many more. This time is the turn of QUEEN'S MESSENGER from 2001, starring Gary Daniels in the role of Captain Strong, featured also Romina Mondello and Academy award winner Christoph Waltz and directed by Mark Roper.
It is an action-driven, uptempo orchestral score, however the composer also manages to include a lush and romantic sounding side to the soundtrack with strings that swell and rise and solo piano that is delicate and alluring, which adds a degree of fragility to the proceedings.

The CD is limited to 300 copies

01 - Space Commando
02 - First Stage
03 - Inspection
04 - Military Camp
05 - Desert War (M24)
06 - Desert War (M24 Ending)
07 - Peace In The Future (M25)
08 - Radioactive Weapon (M19)
09 - Back To Life
10 - Alexi's Theme (M14)
11 - Off Linits
12 - Control Center
13 - Alexi's Theme (Solo Piano)
14 - Peace In The Future (M26)
15 - Radioactive Weapon (M28)
16 - Peace In The Future (M31)