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Musique de Pablo Cervantes

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To get on Pablo Cervantes’ little merry-go-round means, among many other things, a return to our childhood; to that magical, hidden place where dreams come true. Mr. Cervantes’ little merry-go-round spins and spins, and doesn’t stop spinning, bobbed by the soft breeze of the memories its dreamy melodies recall; art and craft of a maker swelled with details. To step on this amusement ride, penny in hand, means to enter into a reality-its music is minimal and delicate-that drives us inevitably towards a daydream, the daydream that director José Luis Garci, untamed filmmaker, seasoned in a thousand and one battles against clapperboards, takes and editing, offers us through the work of one of Spain’s most interesting composers nowadays. With a strong lineage, genius, bravery and an illustrious surname, Pablo Cervantes composes an exquisite tableau, illustrating the interesting filmography of the director.

The selection of works contained in this compilation maps the places where both filmmakers move, offering an interesting display of Pablo Cervantes’ cinematographic work. The refined and monochromatic You’re the one (2000), maximal expression of audiovisual sensitivity; the romantic and delicate History of a kiss (2002), where the 88 keys of the piano capture, in musical pictured cards, the main character’s glances; the dynamic, stirring Tiovivo C. 1950 (2004), a costumbrist representation of this Spain of ours, so close, unveiled by Pablo through the melodramatic stroke of his suggestive melodies. So genuine a proposal, that even the instruments used by the musician seem to belong to us only. Ninette (2005), Blood of May (2008), the most symphonic score of all; and Holmes & Watson, Madrid Days (2012), his last collaboration to date with José Luis Garci, complete the first part of this recording project, which also includes Hotel Danubio (2003), a film written and directed by Antonio Giménez Rico, where the Sevillian composer’s mystifying, disturbing proposal illustrates faithfully this story set in the Galicia of the 50’s.

To savor Pablo Cervantes’ film work is like getting on that old merry-go-round, spinning and spinning endlessly. It is, like our grandparents used to say: to get on it not to stop from dreaming. Perhaps (doubt is always there) it will be Time itself, equally hated and beloved, who will prize this extraordinary melody maker’s contribution, someone who, if possible, has made my admired José Luis Garci’s films even greater.

1.    You're the one        
2.    Tema principal-Historia de un beso        
3.    Vals de Andrea-Historia de un beso        
4.    Adagio-Historia de un beso        
5.    Llendelabarca-Historia de un beso        
6.    Tiovivo C. 1950. Main Theme        
7.    Carolina de-Tiovivo C.1950        
8.    Ninette        
9.    Sangre de Mayo. Main Theme        
10.    Tristeza. Sangre de Mayo        
11.    Holmes & Wat- son Madrid days. Theme 1        
12.    Homes & Watson Madrid days. Theme 2        
13.    Tiovivo piano-Tiovivo C.1950        
14.    You're the one cuarteto        
15.    Ninette transiciones        
16.    Luz de domingo piano        
17.    Tiovivo guitarra        
18.    Tema principal-Hotel Danubio        
19.    La conversación final-Hote Danubio        
20.    Muerte de la madre-Hotel Danubio        
21.    Viendo fotos-Hotel Danubio        
22.    Bajando la maleta-Hotel Danubio        
23.    Magnetofón-Hotel Danubio        
24.    Flasback-Hotel Danubio