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Musique composée par Pino Donaggio

Intrada - Édition limitée

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Popular, wildly flamboyant Pino Donaggio horror soundtrack gets facelift! Columbia Pictures presents, Brian De Palma directs, Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith, Gregg Henry - and a really big drill star. De Palma pays homage to Hitchcock with this fascinating tale of murder and obsession. Donaggio, frequent collaborator with De Palma, provides vivid, full-blooded score with balance of French horn-led power, string-led romance, quasi-soft rock beat to cover all the bases of this over-the-top thriller. Donaggio offers haunting, achingly beautiful theme for piano, strings over the titles to anchor, but interestingly precedes it with intentionally cheesy faux-horror vampire music for on-screen low budget film in production. With two ideas established, Donaggio then takes listener on multi-path listening experience: source music with rhythm at core, dramatic suspense material, powerful fortissimo horror sequences, rousing chase music, gentle melancholy, you name it. Donaggio excels with the horror genre, especially for De Palma. Dressed To Kill, Blow Out, Carrie are other favorites of the genre and Donaggio brings each a blend of haunting beauty and terrifying thrills. Body Double is arguably the most involved in terms of scoring, offering the widest range of material and the most florid in execution. The highlights are numerous: sensual major-key melody of “The Telescope” with its sexy female voice mingling amongst the orchestral colors, varied action and orchestral drama of “Rendezvous; Purse Grab; Tunnel Claustrophobia”, lengthy and incredible unison French horn power of “The Big Drill” underscoring hair-raising murder scene, hypnotic repeating phrases of “Detective McClane, Please!”, pulsating action of “A Night On Mulholland Drive; A Grave For Holly”, “Terror In The Grave”, many others. Orchestrational tidbit: Donaggio scores for full symphony but tacets trumpets. Resulting brass sound imbues score with darker, intenser quality. Originally premiered by Intrada in 2008, new 2017 edition of Body Double is presented from all new master incorporating several important sonic advantages including much-improved levels, stereo balancing of many tracks, courtesy pristine source elements from Columbia Pictures. New edition also premieres original trailer music by Jonathan Elias, with its lush, romantic John Barry-ish vibe, also presented in stereo. Otherwise, selections and packaging remain similar. Crisply recorded at The Burbank Studios across two weeks in September 1984. Pino Donaggio composes, Natale Massara conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

    01. Vampire Ceremony (2:37)
    02. It's A Chance - Main Title (1:47)
    03. Bad Girl/Loneliness (1:54)
    04. Childhood Memories (2:02)
    05. I Was Looking For You (2:55)
    06. Bar Meet (2:50)
    07. Telescope (3:39)
    08. The Driveway (2:13)
    09. The Rodeo Collection (4:58)
    10. The Elevator Claustrophobia (1:07)
    11. Rendezvous/Purse Grab/Tunnel Claustrophobia (8:22)
    12. Reckless Love (2:04)
    13. The Big Drill (8:20)
    14. Remembering Gloria (0:48)
    15. Pleasure Road (2:48)
    16. Peach Flower (2:39)
    17. Detective McClane, Please! (4:32)
    18. At Night On Mulholland Drive/A Grave For Holly (4:35)
    19. Terror In The Grave (3:59)
    20. Phobia Release/The Fake Movie Bat (2:12)
    21. Body Double End Titles (1:58)
          Total Time: 1:08:50

    The Extra
    22. Body Double - Trailer (Jonathan Elias) (1:20)