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Musique de Carlo Savina

Beat Records 

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We return to the late ‘60s with a cool unreleased rabbit pulled from a hat in our ar- chives. A thriller inspired by morbid characteristics, NUDE SI MUORE (aka THE YOUNG, THE EVIL & THE SAVAGE) was directed in 1968 by Antonio Margheriti, starring Mark Damon, Eleonora Brown and Michael Rennie and featuring a score by one of the finest musicians of the 20th century, Carlo Savina.
Full of memorable themes (among which “Nightmare” reminds us of the American TV series Batman), its hypnotic themes and great orchestrations resulted in a wonder- ful score that completes a fundamental missing part in the Maestro’s discography, one of the most exciting scores he ever composed.
The CD comes in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet designed by Alessio Iannuzzi, liner notes by Fabio Babini and audio mastering by Claudio Fuiano.

original motion picture soundtrack
1. NIGHTMARE (Titoli vocal) 2:25
2. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.1 2:30
3. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.2 2:21
4. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.3 1:22
5. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.4 2:11
6. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.5 2:50
7. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.6 6:01
8. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.7 2:30
9. NIGHTMARE (strum.) 2:26
10. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.8 1:38
11. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.9 1:23
12. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.10 7:22
13. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.11 3:05
14. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.12 2:29
15. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.13 3:55
16. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.14 4:57
17. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.15 5:30
18. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.16 1:30
19. NUDE SI MUORE - seq.17 0:49