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Musique de Randy Newman

Walt Disney Records

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Original motion picture score to the 2017 animated motion picture. Randy Newman, who was behind the Oscar-winning music in Disney·Pixar's Toy Story 3 and Monsters, Inc., composed the score for the first Cars movie and penned the Oscar-nominated song 'Our Town'. For Cars 3, Newman created a score that reflects the heart and high-octane action of the film 21 tracks are included on the soundtrack. Randy has a real connection to the Cars world. His ability to capture the feeling of this film, it's characters, locations and the Americana theme throughout is extraordinary the music is so naturally fluid and inspired. It really feels like Randy is coming home with this score. Newman used a 110-piece orchestra to record the score.

    1 Storm's Winning Streak 1:21
    2 When All Your Friends Are Gone / Crash 3:44
    3 Doc's Painful Demise 1:25
    4 Mater on the Horn 0:28
    5 Sistine Chapel on Wheels 1:05
    6 Temple of Rust-Eze 1:25
    7 A Career on a Wall / Electronic Suit 3:20
    8 Drip Pan 1:11
    9 McQueen's Wild Ride 2:05
    10 Biggest Brand in Racing 3:10
    11 Fireball Beach 2:15
    12 Pull Over, Now! / Cruz's Racing Dreams 1:59
    13 1.2% 1:21
    14 If This Track Could Talk 2:32
    15 Letters About You 2:02
    16 Smokey Starts Training / a Blaze of Glory 5:56
    17 Starting Dead Last 1:41
    18 Flashback & Pit Stop 3:32
    19 Through the Pack 3:41
    20 Victory Lane 3:50
    21 The Fabulous Lightning McQueen 2:08

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