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Musique de Andrés Goldstein & Daniel Tarrab

Quartet Records

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Quartet Records is glad to present the new soundtrack composed by prestigious Argentinian composers Andrés Goldstein and Daniel Tarrab (XXY, Inheritance, Some Who Lived, Wakolda) for Jane & Payne, a documentary film about the meeting between Jane Goodall and Roger Payne, two legends in the conservation of the Argentine Patagonia. Now in their 80s, they meet at the Whale Observation Camp that Roger created in his youth and share their views on the problems that affect our planet, and their solutions. Directed by Boy Olmi, the film features the same personal-view approach found in all his documentary works.
Goldstein & Tarrab demonstrate their love of nature in a beautiful, calming score that is also deeply emotional, dramatic, sensitive and nostalgic. The delicate orchestration features a small ensemble that includes cello, double bass, piano, ronroco, ukulele, charango, guitar, sarangi, percussion and electronics.
The film Jane & Payne has been available on Netflix since early April.

01. Gaviotas (The Sunset is Coming Now) (2:14)
02. The Sea and the Forest (4:36)
03. Armadillo (1:57)
04. Almuerzo (1:35)
05. Avistaje (2:07)
06. Fotos (1:19)
07. Acantilado (0:26)
08. A solas (1:16)
09. Pescado rabioso (5:05)
10. Harrinsong (1:25)
11. Meditación (3:28)
12. We Got to be Ready (2:52)
13. Encuentro en el puente de la mujer (1:09)
14. Micro (1:20)
15. Elefante marino (1:07)
16. Créditos finales (1:41)
17. What I Hope For the Future (0:50)