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We proudly present on this CD the world premiere release of two symphonic scores by Renzo Rossellini which had been written for two 1950s melodramas that remained rather unknown outside of Italy and dealt with such themes as tabloid journalism, cor- ruption and unfair jurisdiction.
“Il magistrato” was an Italian-French-Spanish coproduction directed by Luigi Zampa in 1959. The basis for Rossellini’s orchestral score is a romantic love theme , graceful and nostalgic, whose melody is a close cousin to the love theme which he had written ten years earlier for the famous Ingrid Bergman movie Stromboli. As always, Rossel- lini’s musical language is a highly emotional one, he puts a lot of passion and feeling into all the tracks of the score so that there is a direct communication with the audi- ence. The beauty of the melodic line, of the instrumentation and of the timbre are decisive for him.
The Italian-French coproduction “Difendo il mio amore” was made in 1956 with Mar- tine Carol, Vittorio Gassman, Gabriele Ferzetti and Charles Vanel in the leading roles. Rossellini’s score is highly romantic and melodramatic in the best sense of the word and gives furhter proof of his tasteful elegance and his melodic lyricism. The music apperas only in a selected sequences, but always makes a strong impression there. Ros- sellini’s training as a classical composeris particularly evident in his handling of the longer music cues which are in most cases not formless, but have a fine self-contained structure which makes them a real delight to listen to also on their own without the images of the film.
This double CD release of the two excellent symphonic scores offers another rare op- portunity to rediscover the splendid music of a fascinating composer of Italian cinema’ Golden Age. We have included a few alternate and source music tracks of the two scores in the bonus sections of each CD and added some excerpts from the origi- nal recording sessions as an interesting historical document. CD 2 closes with two suites from our two previous Renzo Rossellini CDs “Montecarlo” and “Le legioni di Cleopatra”.
Due to the age of this soundtrack the original mastertapes had some defects and anomalies which we tried to correct as best as possible during the mastering process. Although the sound quality in some tracks could not be improved, we have neverthe- les decided to include them in this edition for their historical and musical value.

01. Il magistrato (Main Title) 2:44
02. Il magistrato (Judge Morandi Remembers) 1:39
03. Il magistrato (The Dock Workers)* 1:11
04. Il magistrato (Carla and Her Father)* 2:42
05. Il magistrato (Orlando Gets Arrested - Orlando’s Confes- sion)* 3:39
06. Il magistrato (The Fight)* 0:42
07. Il magistrato (Carla Meets Morandi* - Walking Along the Harbour) 2:58
08. Il magistrato (Carla Asks for Help) 1:53
09. Il magistrato (Carla and Pierino) 2:01
10. Il magistrato (The Reception) 0:38
11. Il magistrato (Code of Silence* - Carla Visits Morandi) 1:38 12. Il magistrato (Carla’s Disappointment)* 1:46
13. Il magistrato (M 25-2)* 0:56
14. Il magistrato (Sudden Death - Carla and Ugo)* 3:10
15. Il magistrato (The Family Tragedy) 3:28
16. Il magistrato (Morandi’s Decision – Finale) 1:24

Bonus Tracks
17. Il magistrato (Main Title - Alternate Version)* 2:46
18. Il magistrato (Beguine Dance - Short Version) 0:35
19. Il magistrato (Beguine Dance - Long Version) 3:28
20. Il magistrato (Recording Session) 11:04
* Not used in the film
Conducted by Carlo Savina

01 Difendo il mio amore (Main Title) 2:22
02 Difendo il mio amore (Elisa and Her Children) 3:14
03 Difendo il mio amore (First Suspicions) 3:20
04 Difendo il mio amore (Elisa Goes to the Newspaper Office) 1:30
05 Difendo il mio amore (Elisa and Pietro Love Scene) 2:02
06 Difendo il mio amore (Elisa Gets Slandered) 1:40
07 Difendo il mio amore (The Newspaper Story) 0:41
08 Difendo il mio amore (War Memories) 2:47
09 Difendo il mio amore (Tormented by Doubts) 3:38
10 Difendo il mio amore (Elisa and Angela) 1:14
11 Difendo il mio amore (Angela Gets Home) 0:52
12 Difendo il mio amore (Despair / Angela's Accident ) 2:37
13 Difendo il mio amore (Reconciliation) 3:46
14 Difendo il mio amore (Finale) 1:03

Bonus Tracks:
15 Difendo il mio amore (Restaurant Music - Waltz) 1:19
16 Difendo il mio amore (War Memories - Alternate Version) 2:14
17 Difendo il mio amore (Recording Session) 14:56
18 Le Legioni di Cleopatra Suite 8:09
19 Montecarlo Suite 11:02