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Musique de Marco Werba

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Kronos Records is proud to present the soundtrack to Claudio Sestieri's Drama/Mystery film SEGUIMI (FOLLOW ME), starring Angelique Cavallari, Maya Murofushi, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio,Antonia Liskova and Marina Esteve. A Medieval town surrounded by wild nature, a diver who is still fighting back against her past, a painter who blurs the distinction between life and art, a Japanese model who is used to play with her body. Three lives at stake, passion named after obsession, non-sense turning to reality.   The filming location, Matera (where Iconic directors like Pasolini and Gibson have shot respectively key scenes for their "The Gospel according to St. Matthew" and "The Passion Of The Christ")

The music is composed and arranged by our old friend MARCO WERBA, composer of among other ANITA, THE INFLICTED and the multi award winning Dario Argento's  GIALLO. A very effective, eerie score with a heavy tinge of melancholy and mystery,  Marco Werba's distinct sound provides for a really effective background score.

1.  A Shade of Sadness
2.  The Museum
3.  Seguimi - Main titles
4.  Marta's theme
5.  The Swimming pool
6.  The Erotic book
7.  Haru's theme
8.  The Razor
9.  Sebastian
10. Haru's kiss
11. The Phone call
12. The Terrace
13. Haru's paintings
14. Dit de l'amour
15. Haru's book
16. The Pond of death
17. The Razor (Alt version)
18. Sebastian's sadness
19. Where is Haru?
20. Sebastian's madness
21. The Mirror
22. The Mirror 2
23. Sebastian's run
24. The Funeral
25. Seguimi - End Titles

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