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Musique de Bruno Zambrini

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Our trip into Italian cult cinema makes a stop in 1986 to meet one of the Italian comedy milestones of those years. Scuola di ladri is the umpteenth entertainment masterpiece by director Neri Parenti. Starring a trinity of superactors—Massimo Boldi, Lino Banfi and Paolo Villaggio—it tells the story of three ordinary guys who become adventurous thieves. The movie marks one of the director’s greatest successes, and in fact, a sequel would be spawned the following year, Scuola di ladri due.

Long-time artistic partner of Neri Parenti, Maestro Bruno Zambrini composed the movie’s score with his usual devotion, gifting it with iconic themes like the main titles (“Lady Killer” sung by Lany Jones) and various background music for the heroes’ vicissitudes, sometimes orchestral and wide, other times more rhythmic and funky.

A timely jewel that is welcomed by our ears, especially since the original master tapes of the recording sessions—taken from the Maestro’s personal archive—were remastered with great care by Claudio Fuiano. The CD features a lavish 16-page booklet with liner notes by Daniele De Gemini and the jewel case is housed in an external cardboard sleeve, as in the DDJ LX tradition, with art design by Alessio Iannuzzi. Christmas has arrived!

Colonna sonora originale
1. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Titoli di testa/Tre imbranati) 3:37
2. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Zio Aliprando) 1:06
3. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Addestramento) 4:56
4. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Pratica con le armi) 2:27
5. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Di notte, nei grandi magazzini) 1:57
6. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Finti manichini) 2:27
7. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Trucchi maldestri) 1:17
8. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Furti & truffe) 3:39
9. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Società immobiliare) 2:15
10. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Sala controllo/ladra sexy) 1:46
11. SCUOLA DI LADRI (cerimonia nuziale) 1:07
12. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Il colpo) 1:32
13. SCUOLA DI LADRI (La cassaforte) 2:38
Bonus tracks (non usate nel film)
14. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Addestramento Alt.take) 3:14
15. SCUOLA DI LADRI (in azione) 1:42
16. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Furti & Truffe Alt.take) 3:38
17. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Trucchi maldestri Alt.take) 1:19
18. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Pericolo grottesco) 1:32
19. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Ladra sexy versione lunga) 2:15
20. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Azione e relax) 1:25
21. SCUOLA DI LADRI (Finale) 3:29