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Musique composée par Jerry GOLDSMITH

La-La Land - Limited Collector's Edition

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La-La Land Records in association with CBS present the remastered re-issue of famed composer Jerry Goldsmith's (PATTON, THE OMEN, BASIC INSTINCT, FIRST KNIGHT) original score to the 1970 western feature RIO LOBO starring John Wayne, Jennifer O'Neil, Jack Elam and Victor French, produced and directed by Howard Hawks. Aside from the improved sound of James Nelson's meticulous remaster, this release is different than the previous Prometheus release in that tracks have been both added and shuffled around: Tracks 1-14 feature the original score in mono. Tracks 15-24 feature various source cues recorded for the film. Track 25 is an alternate cue and Tracks 26-30 feature the only surviving stereo cues. Produced by Ford A. Thaxton and featuring exclusive, in-depth liners by film music writer Jeff Bond, this re-issue of Goldsmith's iconic score, limited to 3000 units, would make The Duke proud!


RIO LOBO Main Title (2:15)
The Capture (1:41)
A New Arrival (1:46)
Unexpected Gun (2:03)
A Good Teacher (complete) (5:56)
Quiet Town (1:46)
No Place To Go (1:12)
Plans (4:48)
The Raid (2:22)
The Scar/Hang On A Minute (3:16)
Cordona's Capture (0:41)
The Cantina (1:44)
The Trade (3:37)
RIO LOBO End Title (3:05)
Source Cues

Assembly (0:26)
Billy Boy (1:37)
To Arms (0:26)
POW Camp (1:36)
Saloon Source Guitar #1 (2:30)
Saloon Source Guitar #2 (1:30)
Jew's Harp Source (0:56)
Saloon Source Piano #1 (1:00)
Saloon Source Piano #2 (1:26)
Saloon Source Piano #3 (1:55)
Alternate Cue

On To Rio Lobo (alt. end) (0:38)
Stereo Tracks

The Capture (1:35)
New Arrival/Unexpected Gun (3:01)
A Good Teacher/Quiet Town/
Cantina (9:38)
Plans/The Raid (6:58)
Scar/Hang On A Minute/
Finale (5:35)
Total Time: 78:00

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