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We are pleased to release the complete edition OST by Piero Umiliani for the film “The Traffic Policeman”(original title “Il Vigile”).

In an unnamed provincial town a few dozen kilometers from Rome (the exteriors were shot in Viterbo and near Frascati along the Tuscolana road) an unemployed man named Othello Celletti manages to get hired as a motorcycle traffic cop thanks to his obsessive insistence and a chance event (his son saves a city councilor’s son from drowning).

He uses his charming and important new role to get revenge for all the teasing he suffered and to vent all of his pent up ambitions, despite his modest earnings. However, fate has an unexpected opportunity for him. One day he is called to help a stranded motorist who turns out to be none other than the famous actress Sylva Koscina (playing herself). Othello rushes to the aid of the woman and can’t pass up the opportunity to show off his chivalry, so when he discovers she doesn’t have her driver’s license or car documents, he lets it slide.

The original EP
1. IL VIGILE (Titoli di testa) 1:52
2. IL VIGILE 2:18
3. IL VIGILE (Royal rag) 1:40
4. IL VIGILE (Alberto cha cha cha) 2:59

The complete film score
5. IL VIGILE (Titoli di testa) 1:52
6. IL VIGILE (il mio nome è Otello Celletti) 2:50
7. IL VIGILE (momento sexy) 1:18
8. IL VIGILE (in motocicletta) 0:52
9. IL VIGILE (giustizia sulla strada) 2:07
10. IL VIGILE (marcetta) 0:45
11. IL VIGILE (inseguimento) 1:17
12. IL VIGILE (Otello pattuglia) 2:37
13. IL VIGILE (bugie e frottole) 1:06
14. IL VIGILE (equivoci) 1:29
15. IL VIGILE (per Sylva) 2:09
16. IL VIGILE (momento allegro) 1:43
17. IL VIGILE (ballo a due) 2:36
18. IL VIGILE (a tempo di Swing) 1:11
19. IL VIGILE (inseguimento secondo) 1:34
20. IL VIGILE (gran pasticcio) 1:09
21. IL VIGILE (medley) 1:12
22. IL VIGILE (sogno) 1:04
23. IL VIGILE (Royal rag - versione film) 2:21
24. IL VIGILE (sogno secondo) 0:48
25. IL VIGILE (romantico piano) 0:42
26. IL VIGILE (Alberto cha cha cha) 2:59
27. IL VIGILE (ballabile slow) 4:46
28. IL VIGILE (valzerino popolare) 1:25
29. IL VIGILE (Finale) 1:53

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