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Musique de Mark Mancina

La-La Land – Édition limitée

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La-La Land Records and SCEA present the original score to the new videogame SORCERY. Renowned film composer Mark Mancina (SHOOTER, SPEED, TWISTER, BAD BOYS) brings his cinematic musical muscle to this exciting, fantasy-based, dungeon-crawling game in which the player is a powerful sorcerer's apprentice who must master the Magick of the Faerun in order to drive back the Nightmare Queen, who has broken an age-old contract with mankind. Mancina fashions a powerful, imaginative musical score that whisks the listener into the game's fantastic world and beyond. This special CD release is limited to 3000 Units. SORCERY, the videogame, is in stores everywhere on May 22, 2012.


    Sorcery 2:34
    Blue Skies over Ordale 2:19
    The Mothertree 3:14
    The Nightmare Queen 2:35
    Undead Soldiers 1:49
    The Island of Lochbarrow 2:19
    Big Key Big Door 1:49
    Keymaster Battle 3:25
    Trouble Is Brewing 2:10
    Dash Is Defeated 2:12
    Bogey Village 3:26
    Magic Doors 1:05
    Between Worlds 0:53
    Bogeys Attack Ordale 2:29
    Spell Nexus 0:38
    The Endless Stair 2:28
    Elf Assassin 0:42
    Shadow Stalkers 1:17
    Forest Guardian 1:34
    Faerie Forest 2:15
    Seven Wanderers 1:50
    Sylphs and Spiders 2:13
    Slumbering Palace 1:42
    Finn to the Rescue 2:38
    The Banshee�s Lair 2:50
    Ice Shaman Battle 3:16
    Finn Battles the Nightmare Queen 2:31
    Setting Things Right 1:12