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Musique de Christopher Young

La-La Land – Édition limitée

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Presenting the original motion picture music score to the Universal Pictures feature film LOVE HAPPENS, starring Aaron Eckhart (THE DARK KNIGHT, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING) and Jennifer Aniston (FRIENDS, MARLEY & ME, THE BREAK-UP). Acclaimed composer Christopher Young (SPIDER-MAN 3, ROUNDERS, DRAG ME TO HELL, CREATION, SPECIES) fashions a breathtakingly beautiful orchestral score that tugs at the heart as effectively as it delights the ear, chronicling the unlikely, but ultimately undeniable romance that blossoms between the film’s two charismatic leads.


    Love Happens (3:18)
    Kaleidoscope Christmas (2:18)
    A World In The Three Colors (2:18)
    It’s MMM... Good (1:48)
    Crystal Flowers (2:12)
    Walk The Talk (1:30)
    Around Or Through? (3:55)
    Past Isn’t (3:34)
    Joy Within Each Thought (1:56)
    Groove E (1:31)
    Each Decorated Ditch (2:43)
    Vodka Logic (3:41)
    Mind Noise (4:20)
    Cinnamon Life (2:44)
    We’re A-OK (2:44)
    Love Happened (6:02)


    Baggage Blister Hoedown (1:53)
    A Consonant Cry (3:04)
    A Dissonant Discourse (2:57)
    Why The Hell Am I In Heaven? (2:38)
    Not Really Postlude (3:18)
    Freud Who? (1:52)
    Fast Toward The Eye (Of Lorelei) (3:49)
    Total Running Time: 67:03