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Film Score Monthly presents one of the most important series of film score recordings of all time: Elmer Bernstein's Film Music Collection. From 1974 to 1979 legendary composer Elmer Bernstein financed his own series of classic film score LPs which he distributed through a mail order club. Though a few of the albums were reissued on LP—and one on CD—the entire series has long been out-of-print and a "Holy Grail" for film music aficionados.

This 12-disc boxed set is the definitive CD presentation of the Film Music Collection. The series features classic scores by Max Steiner, Franz Waxman, Miklos Rozsa, Bernard Herrmann (including the unused Torn Curtain score), Alfred Newman, Alex North, Dimitri Tiomkin, and Bernstein himself (including the sublime To Kill a Mockingbird).

The albums were all conducted by Bernstein in England, many with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. (For contractual reasons, one of the 14 FMC LPs—Scorpio by Jerry Fielding—is not included, as it was an original soundtrack album and not a Bernstein re-recording.)

The 13 Bernstein-conducted FMC albums are presented on 11 CDs in the box set, with the two Bernstein-composed albums (The Miracle/Toccata for Toy Trains and To Kill a Mockingbird) and two Tiomkin-composed albums (Land of the Pharaohs/Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and The High and the Mighty/Search for Paradise) combined. (Most of the FMC recordings are over 40 minutes and could not be further consolidated.)

As a special bonus, the final disc in this box set features Bernstein's never-before-released 2003 Prague re-recording of his score for Kings of the Sun—a 1963 Mayan adventure starring Yul Brynner. The album was meant to be released on Bernstein's Amber Records label, but never came out.

Unfortunately, one of the recording venues Elmer Bernstein used for the Film Music Collection—Olympic Studios in London—subsequently closed its doors and threw out the irreplacable master tapes. For this reason, five albums comprising four CDs in this FMC box set—Wuthering Heights, Viva Zapata!/Death of a Salesman, Madame Bovary, and both Dimitri Tiomkin albums—have been mastered from sealed LPs. FSM has meticulously transferred numerous copies of the vinyl to present high-quality transfers far superior to any home clean-up. (All other discs are mastered from the original 1/4" source tapes.)

The FMC box set is packaged as follows: the 12 discs come in three "butterfly" or "clamshell" cases—the kind which used to be commonplace for 2CD sets—with each case holding four discs. The three "butterfly" cases go into a larger, hard-cardboard box along with a 136-page hardcover book containing all of the original LP liner notes as well as new material: an overview by Jon Burlingame, an essay by Jay Alan Quantrill (one of the original liner note authors), reissue producer's note by Lukas Kendall, and new commentary for Kings of the Sun including a remembrance by Prague orchestra contractor James Fitzpatrick. The book is chock-full of written musical examples as well as archival photographs, many of which have never been seen.

Elmer Bernstein's Film Music Collection is one of the most significant film music album series ever undertaken, with a major film composer conducting his own performances of his and others' works. While some of these scores have since been released from their original soundtracks, several others are lost and will never be released—or exist only in monaural sound, while the entire FMC is in stereo. In the 1970s, these LPs were lights in the darkness for film music fans, and the recordings became treasured entries in film music collections. The historical albums are finally preserved on CD in this loving collection.

For contractual reasons, there are currently no plans to release these albums separately, and some of them may never be otherwise available. The box set is limited to 2,000 copies—first-come, first-served.

    DISC 1: FMC-1

    Composed by Max Steiner

    Helen of Troy (1956)
    Main Title 1:46
    Paris' Farewell 3:04
    Love Theme 2:04
    Battle 4:34
    Victory -- Trojan Horse 3:13
    Bacchanal 1:38
    Finale 4:02

    Total Time: 20:48

    A Summer Place (1959)
    Main Title & Arrival at Summer Place 3:35
    Young Love Scene 4:45
    Father & Daughter 2:18
    Reunion in Boathouse 4:03
    Molly Runs Away 2:20
    Finale 2:30

    Total Time: 19:53
    Total Disc Time: 40:41

    DISC 2: FMC-2 and FMC-7

    Composed by Elmer Bernstein

    The Miracle (1959)
    Main Title 2:54
    Realization 3:05
    Pleasant Days 1:50
    Decision 3:54
    Miracle 4:30
    New Friends 2:13
    Old Influences 3:02
    Conclusions 4:46

    Total Time: 26:48

    Toccata for Toy Trains (1957)
    Prologue, Variations, Journey, Village, Fantasy, Journey's End 15:42

    To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

    Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Main Title 2:55
    Atticus Accepts the Case/Roll in the Tire 1:54
    Creepy Caper/Peek-a-Boo 3:30
    Ewell's Hatred 3:26
    Jem's Discovery 3:31
    Tree Treasure 4:14
    Lynch Mob 2:54
    Guilty Verdict 3:07
    Ewell Regret It 2:18
    Footsteps in the Dark/Assault in the Shadows 2:24
    Boo Who? 2:40
    End Title 2:55

    Total Time: 36:16
    Total Disc Time: 79:00

    DISC 3: FMC-3

    The Silver Chalice (1954)

    Composed by Franz Waxman
    Main Title 4:11
    New Father 2:34
    Little Helena 2:23
    Basil the Slave 2:35
    Luke 3:49
    Simon the Magician 4:40
    The Sacred Cup 3:47
    The Chase 1:22
    Basil Loves Helena 4:23
    Battle 2:04
    Deborra's Lament 1:54
    Finale 2:49

    Total Time: 37:06

    DISC 4: FMC-4

    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

    Composed by Bernard Herrmann
    Prelude/Local Train/The Sea 3:55
    The Ghost/The Storm/The Apparition 4:40
    The Lights/Bedtime 2:48
    Poetry 2:16
    Lucia/Dictation/Boyhood's End/Pastoral 3:50
    Nocturne 2:21
    London/The Reading/Local Train 2:30
    The Spring Sea 4:47
    Romance/Love/Farewell 5:11
    The Home/Sorrow 3:14
    The Passing Years/The Late Sea 2:50
    Forever 2:38

    Total Time: 41:50

    DISC 5: FMC-5

    Young Bess (1953)

    Composed by Miklos Rozsa
    Prelude/Hatfield House/Reminiscing 3:59
    Exit Anne Boleyn/Changing Mothers 2:09
    Whitehall/The Prince of Wales 2:54
    Eavesdropping/Dies Irae 6:58
    Appointment With Love/Dreams/Disillusion 4:57
    The King's Finances/The King's English 2:58
    Royal Tact/Chelsea 5:16
    The King's Ballad 1:48
    Desperate Love/Crossroads/Catherine Parr's End 6:04
    Night Visitor 3:08
    Farewell 3:20
    Alone/Finale 3:30

    Total Time: 47:38

    DISC 6: FMC-6

    Wuthering Heights (1939)

    Composed by Alfred Newman
    Main Title and Foreword 2:52
    Joseph and Lockwood 3:58
    C.U. Lockwood/As Fortunate as Others 3:43
    Cathy Jumps Up 2:49
    Cathy's Return 2:10
    Edgar and Cathy Entering Living Room 5:21
    The Garden 3:36
    Get Out of My Way/Sir Roger de Coverley 3:54
    Why Isn't There the Smell of Heather 2:10
    He Walks to Bed 3:45
    Will You Forget Me/Death Scene/End Title 5:42

    Total Time: 40:49

    DISC 7: FMC-8

    The Thief of Bagdad (1940)

    Composed by Miklos Rozsa

    Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Saltarello Choir; Bruce Ogston, Baritone; Phyllis Cannan, Mezzo-Soprano; and Powell Jones as "Abu"
    Main Title/Harbour Scene and I Want to Be a Sailor (Sailor's Song) 4:00
    The Chase 1:53
    Abu and Achmad and Abu's Song 2:03
    Horseman's Fanfare 0:59
    Love-Song/The Pool/The Prince and the Princess 5:52
    The Sultan's Toys and Galop of the Flying Horse 3:21
    Storm at Sea/The Seashore 3:33
    The Djinn 3:15
    The Skeleton Room/Duel With the Spider/The Return 8:26
    The Blue Rose/Fight and Capture of Achmad 3:27
    The Golden Tent 3:36
    Abu to the Rescue/Death of Jaffar/Finale 3:00

    Total Time: 44:04

    DISC 8: FMC-9

    Composed by Alex North

    Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

    Viva Zapata! (1952)
    Zapata and the Peons Rebel 5:02
    Gathering of Forces 3:31
    Zapata, the Troubled Leader 4:38
    Zapatistas Battle Against Huerta 3:53
    "There's No Leader but Yourselves" 3:59
    Conscience 2:20
    Zapata Vive! 2:41

    Total Time: 26:17

    Death of a Salesman (1951)
    Willy 3:32
    Ben -- Willy's Symbol of Success 3:49
    Linda 2:45
    The Boys Meet Ben 2:38
    Willy's Affair in Boston 2:30
    Good-bye Willy 10:09

    Total Time: 25:36
    Total Disc Time: 52:00

    DISC 9: FMC-10

    Torn Curtain (1966)

    The Unused Score Composed by Bernard Herrmann

    Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Prelude 2:22
    The Radiogram/The Hotel 2:44
    The Phone/The Bookstore 5:22
    Valse Lente 3:04
    The Travel-Desk/Gromek 3:16
    The Farmhouse 2:16
    The Body 2:33
    The Killing 1:55
    The Toast/The Photos 2:57
    The Cab-Driver/The Hill 3:41
    Discovery/The Blackboard 2:52
    The Formula/The Corridor 2:50
    The Bicycles/The Bus 3:01
    Prelude (Reprise) 2:23

    Total Time: 42:30

    DISC 10: FMC-12

    Madame Bovary (1949)

    Composed by Miklos Rozsa

    Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Prelude 1:53
    Charles Proposes to Emma 1:58
    Disillusion 2:53
    Leon's Love 3:25
    Dance -- Suite 5:57
    Waltz 5:45
    The Operation 2:10
    Rodolphe's Love 4:13
    The Coach 3:08
    Emma's Dream -- Waltz/L'Heureux's Walk 2:18
    Arsenic/Agony 3:42
    Finale 1:56

    Total Time: 39:59

    DISC 11: FMC-13 and FMC-14

    Composed by Dimitri Tiomkin

    Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Soloists & Chorus & Bruce Ogston (Baritone)

    Land of the Pharaohs (1955)
    Prelude 2:07
    Pharaoh's Procession 4:47
    Funeral Song of Joy 1:33
    Vashtar 2:18
    The Building of the Tomb 3:50
    Pharaoh's Grief 1:11
    The Labyrinth 2:31
    The Sealing of the Tomb 2:18
    Finale 1:57

    Total Time: 22:52

    Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957)
    Prelude (Ballad Part 1) 4:02
    Lynch Mob (Ballad Parts 2 and 3) 5:30
    Gun Battle 5:10
    Finale (Ballad Part 4) 1:25

    Total Time: 16:11

    The High and the Mighty (1954)
    Prelude and Take-Off 3:07
    Safe Landing 4:19

    Total Time: 7:28

    Search for Paradise (1957)
    Prologue and Hunza Valley 7:39
    Come Ye Discontented 4:11
    Killer Mountain 7:07
    Shalimar 4:51
    Kashmir 4:18
    Epilogue 3:30

    Total Time: 31:54
    Total Disc Time: 78:35

    DISC 12

    Kings of the Sun (1963)

    Composed by Elmer Bernstein

    Performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
    Main Title 1:39
    Love That Parade 2:03
    Away We Go/Beach Meeting 4:23
    Shove Off 1:28
    Let Us Pray 3:02
    Peeping Eagle 3:28
    Please Sleep 2:57
    Rejected 2:36
    Honorable Parade 2:09
    Real Crop 2:09
    Go to Him 4:16
    Surrender Threat 3:33
    Stabbed 4:14
    Dependable/Curtain 3:46
    Concert Suite 6:15

    Total Time: 48:10