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Musique de Bernard Herrmann

Varese Sarabande

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Vertigo is generally recognized as one of Hitchcock's greatest films and is considered by many to be his masterpiece. This CD, containing the riveting score by Bernard Herrmann and featuring over 30 minutes of music never before available, is timed to take full advantage of the full theatrical re-release of the film, scheduled for the Fall of '96.

1. Prelude and Rooftop (04:35)
2. Scotty Trails Madeline (08:22)
(including: Madeline's First Appearance, Madeline's Car, The Flower Shop, The Alleyway, The Mission, Graveyard and Tombstone)
3. Carlotta's Portrait (02:34)
4. The Bay (03:08)
5. By the Fireside (03:39)
6. The Forest (03:25)
7. The Beach (03:27)
8. The Dream (02:42)
9. Farewell and The Tower (06:42)
10. The Nightmare and Dawn (04:10)
11. The Letter (03:53)
12. Goodnight and The Park (03:08)
13. Scene d'Amour (05:09)
14. The Necklace, The Return and Finale (07:47)