Musique de Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

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Kronos Records The Gold Collection is proud to present for the first time ever in any format the soundtrack of Canterbury N.2 (Nuove Storie D'Amore Del '300)  also known as Tales of Canterbury. This 1973 film starring Patrizia Adiutori, Rik Battaglia, Shirley Corrigan and Federico Boido was directed by John Shadow aka Aristide Massacesi, known to the public as Joe D'Amato.  In this film Geoffrey Chaucer (yes the writer), escorted by Knight Quick, is located in an inn along other pilgrims going to Canterbury. As the bad weather prevents their departure, the gathering kill time by telling by stories, of a very specific kind...

The music for Canterbury N2 was written by none less than notorious duo (and brothers) Guido and Maurizio De Angelis (Sandokan, Yor, Zorro Is Back, Mannaja, Galaxy Express 999, Rocky Joe, Around the World with Willy Fog and an endless list of films for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill)  The music of this CD encompasses a wide yet very well glued musical spectrum. Each story narrated by the people of the Inn has its own score, there are medieval ballads, love songs and dark cryptic choral chants. The music on this disc will definitely not let you get stuck in a rut of monotony, quite the opposite, at the end you will jsut want it was longer.

Our sixteenth title in The Gold Collection is our first CD by the De Angelis brothers and the second cd for a film directed by Joe D'Amato and is a limited edition of 500 copies.

1.   CANTERBURY N2  (Titoli)
2.   CANTERBURY N2  (Oscurità)
3.   CANTERBURY N2  (Amore)
4.   CANTERBURY N2  (Pace)
5.   CANTERBURY N2  (Tema Medievale)
6.   CANTERBURY N2  (Pace)
7.   CANTERBURY N2  (Pace)
8.   CANTERBURY N2  (Tema Medievale Ii)
9.   CANTERBURY N2  (Tema Medievale Ii)
10.  CANTERBURY N2  (Allegro)
11.  CANTERBURY N2  (Pace)
12.  CANTERBURY N2  (Pace)
13.  CANTERBURY N2  (Tema Medievale Ii)
14.  CANTERBURY N2  (Oscurità)
15.  CANTERBURY N2  (Oscurità)
16.  CANTERBURY N2  (Oscurità)
17.  CANTERBURY N2  (Pace)
18.  CANTERBURY N2  (Allegro)
19.  CANTERBURY N2  (Allegro)
20.  CANTERBURY N2  (Allegro)
21.  CANTERBURY N2  (Allegro)
22.   CANTERBURY N2 (Amore Torna)
23.   CANTERBURY N2  (Canzone Del Menestrello)
24.   CANTERBURY N2  (Amore Torna - Instr)
25.   CANTERBURY N2  (Allegro)
26.   CANTERBURY N2  (Pace)
27.   CANTERBURY N2  (Oscurità)
28.   CANTERBURY N2  (Oscurità)
29.   CANTERBURY N2  (Oscurità)
30.   CANTERBURY N2  (Canterbury - Organo)
31.   CANTERBURY N2  (Canterbury)