Musique de Carlo Savina

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Kronos Records is proud to release for the first time ever in any format the CD soundtrack for L'Araucana : Massacro Degli Dei (also known as "Massacre Of The Gods" and "The Conquest Of  Chile"), a 1971 Italo-Spanish-Chilean coproduction Directed by Julio Coll, starring Elsa Martinellia and Venantino Venantini.

The music for this dramatic adventure film was composed by Italian composer Maestro Carlo Savina;  music director of films such as Coppola's The Godfather (1972),  Fellini's Amarcord (1973), Annaud's The Bear (1988) and close collaborator of various great composers of the 20th century such as Morricone, Trovajoli, Rota, Nascimbene, Myers, Sondheim, Sarde and none less than the legendary Miklós Rózsa, whose work left a very clear mark on L'ARUACANA. The gypsy violin parts and melodramatic moments are a clear homage to Miklós Rózsa (for whome Savina had a deep respect and admiration) and his epic music.

Our fifteenth title in The Gold Collection is a truly golden title by one if the most important and versatile composers Classical Film music has ever known.   A must for all fans of CARLO SAVINA and the immortal music of the Golden and Silver Age of Cinema.

 1. L'ARAUCANA    (L'Araucana)
  2. L'ARAUCANA    (Conquistadores March)
  3. L'ARAUCANA    (Cuzco 1540)
  4. L'ARAUCANA    (Lautaro)
  5. L'ARAUCANA    (En Marcha)
  6. L'ARAUCANA    (Wedding Ceremony)
  7. L'ARAUCANA    (Making Crosses)
  8. L'ARAUCANA    (Taking Tabs)
  9. L'ARAUCANA    (The Burning Sun)
10. L'ARAUCANA    (Inexorable March)
11. L'ARAUCANA    (First Kiss)
12. L'ARAUCANA    (Riverbound)
13. L'ARAUCANA    (Submission)
14. L'ARAUCANA    (Children of one God)
15. L'ARAUCANA    (Inez and Pedro)
16. L'ARAUCANA    (Mi Coya)
17. L'ARAUCANA    (Electing the Warchief)
18. L'ARAUCANA    (Araucana beat)
19. L'ARAUCANA    (Ambush)
20. L'ARAUCANA    (The Earth shakes)
21. L'ARAUCANA    (Araucana dance)
22. L'ARAUCANA    (Inez returns home)
23. L'ARAUCANA    (Aftermath)
24. L'ARAUCANA    (Court rumours)
25. L'ARAUCANA    (Sentence of death)
26. L'ARAUCANA    (Chained to the wall)
27. L'ARAUCANA    (Married)
28. L'ARAUCANA    (Don Pedro's Trial)
29. L'ARAUCANA    (Don Pedro de Valdivia - I)
30. L'ARAUCANA    (Don Pedro de Valdivia - II)
31. L'ARAUCANA    (Don Pedro remembers)
32. L'ARAUCANA    (Ego Te Absulvo)
33. L'ARAUCANA    (fanfares)
34. L'ARAUCANA    (Don Pedro's Parade)
35. L'ARAUCANA    (Suspence)
36. L'ARAUCANA    (Araucana Attack)
37. L'ARAUCANA    (Percussive I)
38. L'ARAUCANA    (Percussive II)
39. L'ARAUCANA    (Santiago Del Nuevo Extremo)
40. L'ARAUCANA    (Finale)