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Musique de Michael Kamen

Intrada – Édition limitée

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At last! World premiere release of Michael Kamen soundtrack from popular Rowdy Herrington action picture with Patrick Swayze in iconic role as Dalton, expert bouncer, teamed with friend Sam Elliot against ultra-baddie Ben Gazzara. Kelly Lynch brings romance, Jeff Healey Band adds local color. Kamen writes to small town environment, bar scene with signature guitar, keyboard work, then for climactic fight scenes, dramatically ushers in powerhouse large-scale orchestral action material. Ferocious "Dalton and Reno Fight" is terrific highlight, ditto film version of "The Final Confrontation". In balance is warm theme for outdoor country farm atmosphere where Dalton resides. Intrada lands once missing actual 2" 24-track session masters stored in MGM vaults in excellent condition, then licenses courtesy Sony to make score available for first time, newly remixed, mastered in superb stereo sound. One of composer's most oft-requested scores, finally available! Only discordant note: one solitary reel containing two brief orchestral sequences remains lost to the ages. However, in addition to all major cues, remaining reels also featured several cues not used in picture, including early original version of "Final Confrontation" plus instrumental "Final Theme" written for but not used at end of movie. Michael Kamen conducts.

01. The Homestead (Dalton's Theme) (2:37)
02. Tai Chi (1:33)
03. Nobody Ever Wins A Fight (1:52)
04. Drop Like A Stone (3:15)
05. Invitation To Brads (1:54)
06. On The Rooftop (5:41)
07. Loading Dock Fight (7:44)
08. This Is My Town (3:13)
09. Emmet's House Explodes [Original Version] (1:01)
10. Dalton And Reno Fight (3:19)
11. Heads Or Tails? (3:00)
12. The Final Confrontation [Original Version] (4:44)
13. The Final Confrontation [Film Version] (6:15)
14. Final Theme (1:54)