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Musique de Nuno Malo

Kronos Records - Édition limitée à 500 exemplaires

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Kronos Records is proud to present the music of BACKLIGHT, by acclaimed Portuguese composer NUNO MALO. For BACKLIGHT Kronos records goes back into the not too distant past of the composer to release his wonderfully melodic and affecting soundtrack for BACKLIGHT (aka THE SIGNAL).

The composer has created a melodically sublime and particularly haunting musical score for this motion picture from 2010 which became the number 1 box office movie in Portugal in that year. The director Fernando Fergata produced a thought provoking piece of cinema and it has thankfully in recent times been referred to as a cinematic masterpiece by a number of critics, which is a statement that I would have to agree with. BACKLIGHT is a solely Portuguese production but most of the picture was shot in The United States which is a surprising factor.

The composer combines both conventional instrumentation with synthetic components and fuses these elements together seamlessly to fashion a plethora of exquisite musical compositions. A truly hauntingly beautiful score by this young amazing composer.

Limited edition of 500 copies!

1. Daniel Saves the Girl + End Sequence
2. Jay's Depression
3. Jay Takes off From Home
4. Matt Arrives at the Airplane Cemetery
5. Jay Almost Comits Suicide
6. Rooftop - Jay's Theme (Film Version)
7. Crossing Paths
8. Daniel takes off into the Sunrise
9. Ending Slow Motion (Alternate Version)
10. Departure at Gas Station
11. Saudade - Helena's Photograph
12. Jay's Theme (CD Version)
13. Matt Talks About His Past
14. Matt calls the Tow Truck
15. Matt Talks to Sister at the Cemetery
16. Jay Calls His Friend
17. Motel 66
18. Mother and Daughter Bond
19. Matt Dies.....The Lake
20. Mother And Daughter's Roadtrip
21. Jay on The Top of The Hill
22. Rooftop Near Fall
23. Mother Daughter Safety
24. Skylar on the Roof
25. Shootout
26. The Signal Gathering
27. Main Theme Resolutions
28. Matt's Theme - Reprise
29. Main Theme - Reprise

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