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Musique de Bruce Broughton

Intrada - Édition limitée à 1500 exemplaires

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ÉTAT CD : Très bon

ÉTAT LIVRET : Très bon

At Last! World premiere release of exciting Bruce Broughton soundtrack from wild Peter Hyams action fantasy starring John Ritter, Pam Dawber, Jeffrey Jones. Broughton anchors with stirring main theme, then launches into frenzied action score as cast becomes trapped in bizarre, devilish TV world rife with peril. Broughton creates trademark outdoor action music for large orchestra but also touches on wacky world of TV westerns, game shows, old-time private eye shows, cartoons. No matter how wild it gets, strong main theme keeps everything coherent! Intrada prepares CD directly from two-track digital stereo scoring session masters courtesy Morgan Creek. Since music in film is cut and tossed about at breakneck speed as cast flies into and out of various TV spots, Intrada offers energetic orchestral score first as lead to album, then presents various TV cues in separate suites by themselves, providing most coherent listening experience as envisioned by composer. Incredibly crisp recording by Armin Steiner, made at 20th Century Fox Scoring Stage in July of 1992. Brian Satterwhite, Bruce Broughton offer insights to scoring film in detailed liner notes. Bruce Broughton conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1500 copies!

The Album
01. Main Title (2:54)
02. Meet Darryl (1:02)
03. The Dish (2:55)
04. A Bumpy Ride (2:10)
05. Sayonara, Mrs. Seidenbaum (0:32)
06. Field Work (0:54)
07. Gordon Bashing (2:02)
08. It Ate My BMX (1:59)
09. Wolf Attack (0:44)
10. That's My Bike! (2:51)
11. Offering To Help (1:45)
12. You Have Tits (1:34)
13. Aim The Dish (0:28)
14. Off With Your Wig (3:33)
15. Darryl Breaks Through (0:52)
16. Redemption (1:30)
17. Roy Goes Back (1:09)
18. The 3:10 To Yuma (1:54)

19. Roy Gets Shot (0:52)
20. Crashing In (0:30)
21. The Big Sword Fight (1:19)
22. Turn It Off! (1:49)
23. So What Can I Tell You... (0:48)

Total Album Time: 36:46

The Imaginary TV Suites
24. The Game Show (1:34)
25. TV Theme Medley (3:30)
(Northern Overexposure; Thirty Something To Life;
Meet The Mansons; My Three Sons Of Bitches; Strokes;
Star Track; Driving Over Miss Daisy)
26. Roy Knable, Private Dick (3:24)
27. We're Cartoons (6:40)

Total TV Suites Time: 15:08