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The fourth release dedicated to Italian cult comedy cinema is this brand new deluxe edition of the long out-of-print score for the 1979 movie IO STO CON GLI IPPOPOTAMI (I’M FOR THE HIPPOPOTAMUS), produced and directed by Italo Zingarelli and starring the indomitable Spencer-Hill duo. The wonderful score by Maestro Walter Rizzaati is pure chemistry of poetry and empathy illustrated in music.
Among Beat Records’ evergreens, we honor this funny and entertaining score—full of lovable themes and melodies and orchestrated with great taste and sweetness—in this deluxe jewel case edition featuring an external cardboard slipcase in the DDJ DLX tradition. We also augmented the track list with a never-before released cue that makes this edition definitive.
But the surprises keep coming. While wading through some editorial archives, we found a stash of music sheets from the period, including a 4-page folded A4 page featuring the poster of the movie and the lyrics and music of the song “GRAU GRAU GRAU!”
We are happy to gift all of those who buy this CD with this nice original 1979 memorabilia, a real fan treat!
The CD is released in a jewel case with a 16-page booklet, external cardboard slipcase, graphic design by Alessio Iannuzzi and liner notes (in Italian and English) by Franco & Daniele De Gemini.

1. Grau grau grau 2:46
2. Boogie match 3:44
3. A bus in the wild 2:08
4. Guitar grau 1:41
5. Happy fists 2:24
6. Smoothly 2:33
7. Happy ciocio 1:00
8. Angry with me? 1:14
9. Caviar and lobster 3:15
10. Grau grau grau 2:02
11. Freedom 3:06
12. Grai grau grau 2:10
13. Ciocio flute 3:02
14. Joyful release 1:32
15. A bus in the wild 1:47
16. Grau grau grau 1:32
17. Casinò 1:35
18. Lulla ciocio 0:57
19. Caterpillar 2:53
20. Ciocio-ciociolosa 2:14
21. Freedom 3:24
22. Caviar and lobster 2:21
23. Grau grau grau 3:01