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Today we celebrate what would have been Jerry Goldsmith’s 85th birthday. And what a release we have to mark the occasion!! A title like this deserves to be announced alone. One of the greatest and most important scores of Jerry Goldsmith’s early career is 1963’s The List of Adrian Messenger. We couldn’t be more excited about our world premiere release of this landmark score and we suspect there will be many who share our excitement. The List of Adrian Messenger is fun and it’s dark, it’s romantic and it has thrilling action! The score features a fox hunt cue that ranks among the greatest cues of Goldsmith’s career. It was very clear, even in Jerry Goldsmith’s earliest scores, that he was a master. Jerry was already revolutionizing film music by the time he wrote this score. He had already written such film scores and Freud, Lonely Are The Brave and Studs Lonigan. For television he had scored episodes of The Twilight Zone, Thriller and Dr. Kildare. The stage was set for one of the greatest careers in film music history. It wouldn’t take too many more years for Goldsmith to become a true legend. What an important chapter in that story the score from The List of Adrian Messenger represents and finally … it’s available! Enjoy! Let’s all remember and celebrate the great Jerry Goldsmith.

Superstars Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum and Frank Sinatra headline the witty thriller The List of Adrian Messenger directed by Academy Award(r) winner John Huston. A retired officer (Academy Award(r) winner George C. Scott) must uncover the identity of a mass murderer who is killing off the potential heirs to a family fortune. The only clues are the names on the list of murdered heir Adrian Messenger. The tension builds as the final evil unfolds during a suspense-filled fox hunt. Let the chase begin!

1. Prologue / Main Title / Gleneyre (5:09)
2. Death In Disguise (3:28)
3, Le Borg Remembers (1:12)
4. Back In The Ditch (:57)
5. Cat And Louse (4:07)
6. It’s A Gasser (1:07)
7. Lost Love (1:28)
8. Assault On Slattery (2:02)
9. The Brush Off (:50)
10. The Gypsy (1:47)
11. Beagles And Fox (2:58)
12. Quail Hunt (1:02)
13. Baiting The Trap (2:17)
14. It’s A Drag (3:35)
15. Broom’s Doom (3:17)
16. End Cast (3:10)