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Directed by Silverio Blasi and and scripted by Romildo Craveri and Diego Fabbri on the subject of Giorgio Prosperi was based on the life of the Italian painter Michelangelo Buonarroti, whose 400 year anniverary from his death was being celebrated at the time of production.

The program was very atypical, especially at the time it was done, being it a sort of hybrid between informative, educatonal documentary and a television series. Contributing to the positive outcome of the program was Maurizio Mammì's screenplay, the acting of actor Gian Maria Volonte, in the role of the Tuscan artist, and last but not least VITA DI MICHELANGELO boasted a truly rich and highly variated score by the much respected Maestro BRUNO NICOLAI.

The first 21 tracks of this soudntrack are the exact same program and recording released on vinyl on Bruno Nicolai's own record label Edipan. The remaining 15 bonus tracks (an additional 33 minutes of music) are presented for the very first time ever courtesy of the Edipan vaults and BEAT Records.

A must for all Bruno Nicolai fans.


1. Michelangelo (01:37)
2. Rustica (01:42)
3. Pastorale I (01:15)
4. Mosè (02:40)
5. Infanzia (01:40)
6. Il Giorno (01:37)
7. L'Aurora (02:00)
8. Savonarola (02:10)
9. Gagliarda (01:45)
10. Madonna Col Bambino (02:20)
11. Michelangelo (01:35)
12. I Dannati (01:55)
13. Chiostro (02:47)
14. Bacco (01:16)
15. La Pietà (02:40)
16. Pastorale II (02:25)
17. Le Sibille (01:50)
18. Casa Medici (02:10)
19. Donna Vittoria (01:50)
20. Michelangelo (01:10)
21. Il Giudizio Universale (01:55)
tracks 22-36 (music previously unreleased)

TOTAL TIME • 40:19