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Musique de Gene Kauer & Douglas M. Lackey 

Kronos Records - Édition limitée à 300 exemplaires

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Once again we are proud to present another beautiful soundtrack by GENE KAUER and DOUGLAS LACKEY in our THE KRONOS GOLD COLLECTION series.

FROM HELL TO BORNEO (HELL OF BORNEO) is a 1964 adventure film written, produced by and starring George Montgomery. Also starring Julie Gregg, Torin Thatcher, Liza Moreno, Vic Diaz and Carol Varga. John Dirkson (Mongomery) a wealthy businessman, lives in blissful solitude on his private island in the Philippines, until a ruthless business man in cohoots with a spoilt prince and Montgomery`s pirate half brother turn this blissful paradise into a chaotic inferno and it is up to Montgomery and his man to stand up and be counted.

The music is the work of two of our favourite composers Günther "Gene" Kauer and Douglas M Lackey (The Proud and Damned, Monstrosity, Cape Canaveral Monsters) who wrote a highly melodic and rousing adventure score that will delight all afficonados of the genre with its warmth and dynamics. This is a worldwide exclusive release in any format and would have not been possible without the help of David Schecter and the Lackey Estate. Our deepest appreciation and that of all those who buy this CD.

This is one of the most exciting soundtracks we have ever had the pleasure to work on, a true ambassador to its era and a tribute to the legacy of these two truly talented composers!

Buy it now to not regret it later. This CD is strictly limited to 300 copies.

1. Main Title 2:05

2. Cut Wire 2:12

3. The Smuggler 2:56

4. Send Buttons 0:59

5. Marge 0:45

6. The Telegram 3:11

7. Arrival 2:25

8. Buy A Fish 0:52

9. Outriggers 1:47

10. The Grave 1:09

11. Ahmad 3:23

12. Snipers 2:16

13. The Prince And The Bandit 1:28

14. Moro Terror 1:30

15. Dead Duckboy 1:13

16. Island Search 2:51

17. Man The Canoes 2:51

18 Greasy Guns 2:14

19. Dead Prince 2:39

20. Chase Ahmad 1:59

21. Sharks and Planes 2:02

22. Aufwiedersehen 2:07

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