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Musique composée par Bruce Broughton

Intrada - Édition limitée

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ÉTAT CD : Très bon  

ÉTAT LIVRET : Très bon

Original soundtrack by Bruce Broughton for Nick Castle fantasy about tragedy and loss, friendship and romance, magic and flight, starring Jay Underwood, Lucy Deakins, Bonnie Bedelia, Fred Gwynne. Emotional elements of youth struggling with death, inward feelings, reaching out, lines between fantasy and reality all gave Broughton considerable dramatic material to work with. He chose to anchor with gentle, quiet character of Eric, the boy who could fly. Transparent scoring, haunting lydian harmonic vernacular of theme are gorgeous! Once idea is established, Broughton trains his musical forces on bigger ideas, fantastic flight sequences. Majestic, soaring music trades with dramatic undercurrents of story, even intense segments with darker edges. Entire, lengthy work is rich display of orchestral imagination, emotional thematic writing. Several long cues add to positive vibes. Many sequences stand out: warm Americana strains of "Family", exciting riffs for young Louis attempting navigation of neighborhood amidst bullies, intense horn writing during "Eric Agitated". Yet, towering above all are magnificent flying cues, culminating in sweeping, wondrous orchestral splendor of "Milly And Eric Flee/He Really Flies". Here, Broughton takes his gentle main theme, melds it with all elements of fantasy in glorious manner. Stunning music! Intrada original soundtrack CD (not to be confused with Varese Sarabande release of re-recorded highlights) presents entire score in crisp, vibrant stereo from newly-remastered session mixes made by Armin Steiner, courtesy Warner Bros. Both Stephen Bishop's popular "Walkin' On Air" End Credits song plus Broughton's unused ending music appear! Extras include alternate version of "First Hint", Broughton's treatment of Lyn Murray's "Fireworks" from To Catch A Thief for TV sequence, "Back Of The Bus" number written by Broughton with lyrics by director Castle (performed by filmmakers Castle, John Carpenter, Tommy Wallace) plus Broughton's "Car Radio" source music. Bruce Broughton conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Main Title (4:45)
02. Louis Meets Hitler (1:00)
03. Louis’ Retreat (1:14)
04. Late! (First Hint - Revised) (1:04)
05. Eric On The Sill (0:28)
06. On Milly’s Sill (1:24)
07. Eric On The Roof (2:25)
08. Milly’s Science Project (3:34)
09. First Triumph (1:40)
10. Family (3:09)
11. The Rose/Flying (9:35)
12. Eric’s Gone (4:00)
13. Eric Agitated (4:17)
14. Louis Gives Up (3:24)
15. The Ring (3:22)
16. Milly And Eric Flee/He Really Flies (9:01)
17. New Starts (4:15)
18. Milly Reflects/End Credits (Instrumental) (5:03)
19. “Walkin’ On Air” (End Credits) (3:28)
(Stephen Bishop)
Total Time: 67:39

The Extras
20. First Hint (1:04)
21. Fireworks (From To Catch A Thief) (1:40)
22. “Back Of The Bus” (0:59)
(Nick Castle/Bruce Broughton, Perf. by The Coupe De Villes)
23. Car Radio (2:16)
Total Extras Time: 6:04