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Musique de Sharon Farber

MovieScore Media


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Original score from the 2023 drama feature film directed by Gev Miron, starring Noah benShea, Marta Pozzan and Liron Levo, produced by Number Nine Media and released by Buffalo 8 Productions (USA).

THE STORY: When a young, skeptical reporter is assigned to interview the author of a bestselling book series, she discovers the incredible story of how Jacob, a fictional character, provides help and hope to countless people around the world.

THE SCORE: “As soon as I was introduced to the legendary Noah benShea, I knew that the music and song for Jacob the Baker would be different from anything I’ve ever composed before. Jacob’s spirit was everywhere, and I was inspired. Drawing on a poem of Noah’s, within two days our song, “Better Times”, was ready to be arranged and produced and two weeks later, it was recorded and mixed. The song came first and provided me with the thematic materials that I needed for the score. The movie tells six stories and each segment received a musical element based on the melodic and harmonic lines of the song, which I then developed thematically and orchestrally. Noah requested from the beginning that my daughter perform the song and as I am so familiar with her voice and abilities, I knew how to direct her to a performance of what I envisioned.  She was 10 when we first recorded ‘Better Times’ and we re-recorded the song when she was 11. As she has a very mature voice and personality, it was natural, with her innate talent, to support her performance to both a summit way beyond her years and of profound emotional depth.”  – Sharon Farber

THE COMPOSER: Sharon Farber is a celebrated Grammy- winning and four time Emmy-nominated film, TV and concert music composer. She is a member of the Executive Committees of both the Motion Picture and TV Academies and serves on the ASCAP Board and acts as VP of the Alliance for Women Film Composers. Her film music has been released commercially and performed in concerts. Her recent film, Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power, premiered at Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals and went on to earn her award nominations for Best Score at The SCL Awards and ASCAP’s Composer Choice Awards in 2023.  Her most current work can be heard in the film Jacob the Baker.

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