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Musique de Christopher Wong, Garrett Crosby & Ian Rees

MovieScore Media


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Original score from the 2023 drama feature film directed by Victor Vu, starring Kaity Nguyen and Thuan Nguyen, released by 3388 Films (USA) and Lotte Entertainment (Vietnam)

THE STORY: In the midst of the Nguyen Dynasty, a reluctant wife’s life takes a dramatic turn when a chance encounter with her childhood lover sparks a series of unexpected events.

THE SCORE: “The Last Wife posed some unusual challenges in unexpected ways.  Though having worked on many films with tragic love stories before, and having worked many times with director Victor Vu before, I found it difficult to locate the tone of many scenes immediately.  What I discovered is that the film, aside from mainly being a drama, had subtle elements of dark comedy as well as investigative suspense at moments, and pulling these elements together took some trial and error.  What I believe the result ends up being is something a little more unusual than a straightforward drama score.” – Christopher Wong

THE COMPOSER: Composer Christopher Wong has established himself as the go-to composer for the rising generation of Asian American directors. His first major credit was Journey from the Fall, the debut feature from director Ham Tran – the film received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival, while the score earned a nomination from the International Film Music Critics Association for Best New Composer of 2007. MovieScore Media has released Christopher’s scores for The Rebel, the romantic comedy How to Fight in Six Inch Heels and his last few collaborations with Victor Vu, including Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass, Loi Bao, The Immortal, Mat Biec, The Royal Bride, Camellia Sisters and The Guardian last year and the sci-fi Maika last year. 

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