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Musique de Ronald Stein

Kronos Records - Édition limitée à 300 exemplaires

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Kronos Records is proud to present the soundtrack of the 1961 as epic as it gets ATLAS, the sword and sandal film by Roger Corman, starring Michael Forest in the lead role and Frank Wolff in the role of the megalomaniacal tyrant Praxmedes. ATLAS was filmed in Greece on various historical sites. In Corman`s own words it was his last attempt to do a big picture on a low budget. And he managed that perfectly.

The music was composed and conducted by Ronald Stein, who wrote a big, bombastic epic score that not only fits the film like a glove and takes it up a few good notches but marked an era to come of more Golden age inspired epic scoring! Obligatory to any epic score of the era is a good dose of melodic and softer themes for smaller ensembles, most notably lead by woodwinds to underscore the romantic side of the film.

A true gem presented for the first time ever in its complete form, including some music Stein wrote for the film which did not make it in the final cut and two bonus alternate cues! A shorter version of the score was released on CD many years ago by another label, the tracks were misnamed and placed out of sequence. On our release we are presenting an accurate re-elaboration in film order (including the music that was omitted from the film) and presented to you in a limited edition CD strictly limited to 350 copies!

1. Atlas 2:05

2. Thenis 2:12

3. Siege 2:56

4. Olympic Fanfares 0:59

5. Victory Fanfare 0:45

6. Proposition 3:11

7. Banquet Dance 2:25

8. Candia 1st part 0:52

9. Candia 2nd part 1:47

10. Thenis Entered 1:09

11. Rebel Fight 3:23

12. Promontory 2:16

13. Ride Back 1:28

14. Invasion 1:30

15. Dull Banquet 1:13

16. Orgy 2:51

17. Egypt 4:35

18. Ruse 2:14

19. The Trial (Garnus' Death) 2:39

20. Telektos 1:59

21. Ariana 2:02

22. River Scene 2:07

23. Rebel Victory 2:36

24. His Search (film edit) 1:29

25. Decision 2:36

26. Surprise 2:25

27. Sunset 0:53

28. Olympic Fanfares (short version) 0:30

29. Atlas (alt take) 2:06